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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Peter

Dear Tathagata,

Have you found things in your life "fall into place" since becoming enlightened?
In the western world, to say one is enlightened is not accepted very well. Someone claiming to be enlightened is seen as condescending and arrogant. Much of this, I believe, is due to commercialism and Christian indoctrination, is this the same in your world? If so, how do you deal with this?
Despite being part of a spiritual community, it is very difficult to pass on my understanding of balance and personal responsibility to others. Do you find it difficult to get your message across? Can you offer some advice on how to pass on the knowledge?
Thank you for your website. It is a great comfort to find someone out there who has reached a similar understanding of the universe. I can only hope you are having more success bringing people away from their darker moments than I am.

Brightest Blessings
Peter in Australia

Reply from Tathagata

Dear Peter,

I've never heard that any of the enlightened one had appeared in the western world. None of records shows me the existence of the enlightened one in the western world.
Enlightenment means that someone opens one's eye to the world. In order to gain this enlightenment you have to pass some courses, but I haven't met anyone who passed those courses. It is impossible for the ordinary people to get enlightenment by only practice. If someone claims that the enlightened person appeared I have to confirm a few things to check its truth. I will ask them about what is in reality. If they answer rightly I will agree with their claim.