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This page helps students who are looking for distance education programs. Online learning now makes it possible for learners to take programs in Business; Computer Technology, e.g., Information Technology; Education; Health; Public Administration; Counseling; Journalism; and Law from a distance education institution anywhere in the world. Of course, that doesn't mean that there will be no book reading at all. Many courses will have prescribed texts that you will be expected to buy or will be included in the cost of the course.

Be careful that you take an accredited program from an accredited institution, such as Uk Open Learning Ltd, which offers GCSE and A Level courses as well as certificate and diploma programs.

Here are some useful pages about accredited online programs:

Business Programs, e.g., Accounting, Administration;

Computer Technology, e.g., Information Technology, Graphic Design;

Education Programs, e.g., Adult Education, TESOL Certification;

Health Care, e.g., Holistic, Health Administration;

Human Services, e.g., Public Administration, Counseling;

Media and Journalism, e.g., Communication Studies, Public Relations, New Media;

Law, e.g., Law Enforcement, Law Degrees;

Sciences, e.g., Maths, Chemistry, Biology;

Social Sciences, e.g., Anthropology, Economics, Hospitality, Psychology, Sociology, Tourism;

Other Programs


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