Online Colleges

Why is the accreditation of an online university, online college, or online school so important for a distance learner?

Increasingly, learners can get their online degrees and other qualifications from anywhere in the world. But care must be taken or else the quality of the education and qualification received will be worthless. To ensure quality, take an accredited program from an accredited online college.

The Importance of Accreditation

Accreditation is provided by governmental, nongovernmental and private agencies that usually report to departments or ministries of education. Accrediting bodies typically look at the qualifications of instructors, the school's recruiting practices, admissions procedures, course content and quality, and equal opportunity employment.

Why should you care about accreditation?

Enrolling in an accredited program at institution will affect at least three important things:

1. Qualification for financial aid from your government or employer;
2. Transferring credit to another institution, or advancing to another degree;
3. You want to be fully qualified and credible to your employer.

Understanding the importance of degree program accreditation helps you avoid falling for those that are not validated. Diploma mills can cost you! So before you enroll, or have doubts. Do the following:

* Be sure is it accredited by a real accrediting body.
* Many diploma mills will claim to be accredited by a fake body.
* Check with licensing boards and professional associations under which they claim to offer programs.

Accredited Online Learning

Make Sure You Go to an Accredited Online University

Understanding degree program accreditation is important to the educational and career choices you make. Going to an accredited online university ensures that you get good quality. Similarly, it means that when you are ready to seek employment, your credentials and qualifications are recognized. Getting a degree from a non-accredited university means that you would have wasted your time and money.



Understanding degree program accreditation is important to the educational and career choices you make. Accredited online universities ensure that learners get good quality education from their selected program or university.