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Education Programs

This page helps students who are looking for distance education programs or online programs in adult education, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) or other online education programs.

An online education degree combines content and subject knowledge with teaching knowledge and skills (pedagogy), i.e., it teaches you what to teach and how to teach it. It prepares you to work with students and learners of various ages, depending on your preference.

Essentially, you will make a good teacher if you:

* Enjoy working with learners of all ages;
* Are good at communicating;
* Enjoy helping others learn;
* Find knowledge and lifelong learning stimulating;
* Are prepared for daily rewards and challenges.

Education is one of the largest industries and an online education degree offers plenty of career preparation options. This means that you have many career and job options available when you graduate.

Be careful that you take an accredited program from an accredited institution. Here are some useful pages about accredited online programs in Education:

Education Programs,

Adult Education,

TESOL Certification.


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