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Law Programs

This page helps students who are looking for distance education programs in Law and Legal Studies. We think of lawyers as people who argue cases in courtrooms. Actually lawyers do other things as well. They do research, conduct interviews, or write documents in preparation for litigation. A lawyer, also called an attorney, has extensive training to help people understand and interpret the laws. Their primary role is to provide guidance so being an attorney requires excellent communication skills. A criminal lawyer works with the court system, usually as a prosecutor or defense attorney, but there are many other areas in which lawyers can specialize. Some people with a law degree don’t practice law at all - they use it to open other doors in the legal field and other areas as well.

A law degree is an advanced degree pursued after obtaining a 4-year degree. Some schools offer bachelor degrees in pre-law with other majors such as criminal justice and political science business, English, criminal justice, and international relations. As with campus-based programs, online law degrees usually takes 3-4 years for full time students. At the end of the program a student would earn a Juris Doctor degree.
Juris doctor (JD degree) in the US or a LLB in Europe. Then you would need to write the bar exam.

Many institutions offer online law degrees to help you attain either a Juris Doctor, which allows you to practice law once you pass the state bar exam, as well as an Executive Juris Doctor, for those who want to study law but not practice it. Those who enroll in executive juris doctor programs do so to develop analytical thinking skills and effective communication skills that will help them advance in their current careers. Some institutions also offer a master's degree in health law which is perfect for working nurses, paramedics and other health care practitioners.

Remember that law schools have stringent requirements for accepting applicants in their programs, whether it is their on-campus programs or in their online programs. The schools look for good grades, a talent for communication, and analytical thinking are among the many specifications that admission centers look for in potential law students.

Be careful that you take an accredited program from an accredited institution.

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