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Health Programs

This page helps students who are looking for distance education programs. Online learning now makes it possible for learners to take programs in Dental Health, Fitness & Nutrition (Dietetics), Healthcare Management, Holistic Health, Medical Administration, Medical Billing & Medical Coding, Nursing, Occupational Therapy and Public Health, from a distance education institution anywhere in the world.

Be careful that you take an accredited program from an accredited institution, such as Uk Open Learning Ltd, which offers GCSE and A Level courses as well as certificate and diploma programs.

Here are some useful pages about accredited online programs:

Dental Health

Fitness & Nutrition (Dietetics)

Healthcare Degrees

Healthcare Management Degrees

Holistic Health Degrees

Medical Administration Training

Medical Billing & Medical Coding Training

Nursing Degrees

Occupational Therapy

Pharmacy Technician Training

Public Health Degree


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Dr. Seyi Oyesola takes a searing look at health care in underdeveloped countries. His photo tour of a Nigerian teaching hospital -- all low-tech hacks and donated supplies -- drives home the challenge of doing basic health care there.


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Health Issues

Studying at a computer can affect your body. In particular, it is known that working at a computer has several health risks...

Free Course

I recommend that students new to online learning take the Open University UK online course "Living with the internet: learning online".