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Science Programs

This page helps students who are looking for distance education or online programs in the sciences, in particular biology, chemistry, physics, statistics and mathematics.

Biology courses cover a broad range of topics including cell biology, plant biology, anatomy and physiology. A Bachelor's Degree in Biology provides a foundation for careers in medicine, nursing, bioengineering and biochemistry. Master's and PhD programs emphasize a sub-field of biology such as botany or marine biology. One of the most active fields of scientific research is biotechnology which tackles problems such as developing new drugs and vaccines, disease-resistant crops, and handling of hazardous waste.

Within the field of chemistry, there are many different areas for specialization, such as materials, inorganic, organic, environmental, nanoscience, physical, and biological chemistry. With a bachelor's degree in chemistry, you will be prepared for entry-level positions in the chemical industry and to teach high school chemistry classes. Research positions at pharmaceutical or biotechnology firms or at a university will require a master's or Ph.D. degree in chemistry.

Online mathematics and statistics degree programs are available at the Bachelor, Master, and PhD level. Mathematical and statistical analysis is used in various areas including those required in government, business, and industry sectors. Many people choose to do a joint degree in mathematics and statistics to improve their career options.

Physics is the natural science which examines basic concepts such as energy, force, and spacetime. It is conducted in order to understand how the world and universe behave. Most physicists work in research and development positions, which require a doctoral degree, but some applied research and development firms require only a master's. A bachelor's degree in physics will prepare you for technician and research assistant positions. Other career paths are bio-physicists, geo-physicists, and chemical physicists, engineering, architecture, computer-related programs, technicians, science educators.

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