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PhD Programs

This page helps students who are looking for PhD programs. Online learning now makes it possible for learners to take PhDs in Computer Technology, e.g., Information Technology; Education; Health; Public Administration; Counseling; Journalism; Law, etc, from a distance education institution anywhere in the world. Of course, there may be a residential requirement, usually at the beginning and towards the end of an online PhD, but it is undoubtedly more convenient and cheaper to do it online than on-campus. But it is hard. It would be good to read this: Preparing for Doctoral Degrees

Here are some useful pages about accredited PhD and Doctoral Degrees online programs:

Doctorate Degrees in Selected Universities
Doctorate Degrees in Various Disciplines
Online PhD Education
Online PhD in Psychology

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Your Learning Style

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Article 3-2-1

Three things to do, two things not to do, and one "no-no" if you want to be effective in learning online"