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Smoked Salmon Dip! 3-2-1

Number of Servings:  15-20Yakima River Chinook


3- 8 ounce packages cream cheese.
2- 8 ounce tubs sour cream.
1- 8 ounce scoop mayonnaise
1- package Mrs. Grass onion soup mix.
1- 8 ounce chunk smoked deboned salmon chunk


 Blend together cheese, sour cream and Mayo.
 Mix and blend until smooth.
Then add in Mrs. Grass onion soup mix and blend together then mix in salmon flakes and  blend on high with beaters until desired consistency.

Notes & Variations:

If you like the dip a little chunky reduce the blending time.
This same recipe can be used for clam/smoked sturgeon/shrimp/and just plain onion chip dip too!


Contributor:  Richard Sharp, RRGC