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Enlightenment Questions - Question From David


I just wanted to say that I am also an enlightend being and that I agree on what you are saying even though the way you are saying it makes people feel uncomfortable. I have done the very same thing when my third eye opened and my brain was tapping in to all the ancient secrets in the world, but it is always our actions that people react to and not only what we are teaching. I don't really understand if you see in what way the world needs to be changed. My enlightenment came in the form of a new ideology of truth that puts enlightenment at the center of society. As I see the truth, because of my western-philosophical background is similar to the philosophy of Hegel if you are familiar with his teachings. The truth is the absolute and we have catagorized our dealing with truth as three parts and those are philosophy, religion and art. These are all the same and if seen as a whole reveals the truth which it took month for my brain to understand completely. I have also been trying to speak to people about this because I suffer with all of the creation. The world is sleeping and it is time to wake it up and I don't want it to move slowly because then the mad forces of this world might kill everything off before that would happen. Right now I am sort of lonely because of the fact that I can not be open with my fellow man if I want them to stay in my life, because most people are not ready to accept that they are living a big lie created by a culture that is out of control.
So my view upon enlightenment is that people has to step out of there cultural programming and become the supreme being they all are if they can see their greatness.
I would love to come see you and give you "proof" that I really am enlightend and I would also know if you really are enlightend because if you are; it would be such a relief to meet someone who really understands what is going on and to start making plans to save this poor planet and this poor humanity from self-destruction.
If you don't mind me saying it I have a hard time with language because it is so limiting. I just started thinking in language again and it is so shallow. No wonder people get confused. That is why this writing seems sort of silly, but I don't know how to do it any other way yet so....what to do what to do.


Answer from Tathagata

Dear David,

The best teaching in the world is truth.My hope is that I will be helpful to change this world becoming a place where nobody harms others.
Your opinion is good, but I can give my answer after our meeting. I need to know what you can see and how you can be helpful to others through what kind of work.