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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Daniel

Dear Tathagata,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Daniel, and in 2003 I experienced a serious spiritual awakening. I had new abilities and a new understanding on life, I saw things and felt things differently.

I would begin to sense or at least become consciously aware of emotions from people (Although only ones that were strong enough to externalize), sometimes hearing people's projected thoughts.

I began to deal with my own energy in a way of removal of the bad from myself or others (although it would usually recur because the reason for the energy had not been resolved, for example - I'm disappointed because I didn't get something done.. no longer feel disappointed, but I am still disappointed, so the energy will recur again..)

I used to see spirits visually and I could sense the energy. I used to panic at the most MINOR change in my own energy, even if it could be my stomach is full, because I had not realized it was not that.

I could and still do talk between my past and my present. It's almost forced because neither me nor my past wish it to continue, and it is an unhappy thing. We share emotions and feelings at such a level that if my present was mad because of whatever reason, the past would react to it and assume I was mad about something, or at my past.

I was traumatized in 2003 up until end of 2004 by my future, and when I got to around 2006, I found myself traumatizing my past, not because I wanted to, but because it was such a burden.

I was traumatized by seeing spirits as well, due to lack of control, and not knowing when they are there and when they are not there.

I have been heavily toyed with by spirits just because I was afraid.

Right now, I still have the problem of continually speaking to my past whether I would like to or not. I need a solution, and very soon.

If you could help, it would be greatly appreaciated.


Answer from Tathagata

Dear Daniel,

What you have experienced was not the enlightenment or improvement of your spiritual ability but the phenomenon that had happened by contact with spirits outside. Speaking to the past makes me confused to see the fact because the standard is not clear. If you have new spiritual ability you should prove that by the certain proofs about what you've seen in reality and what kind of benefit did you give to your life of other' from them.Otherwise that is not appropriate to regard as new spiritual ability. If you need my help let me know about what happened to you more concretely and precisely.