Ghosts of Okinawa
  • Ryukyu Islands Paranormal
  • 10 Most Haunted Islands
  • More Spooky Stuff !

    The Color Test

    Great Photos of D-Day

    Grade Obama

    9/11: Impossible Speed & Impact -- Busted!

    Peter & Peeps
    Rescued Baby Hummingbird Fed in Hand by Mother

    5 year-old Girl Calls 911 for Father

    Wood Carving Exhibition
    Sculpture Art Lanna Style Thailand Burmese Teak

    Ford Model-T Production Line

    How Fast Are Your Reactions?

    Discovery Channel on YouTube

    V-J Day Video
    Honolulu Hawaii, August 14, 1945

    Horse & Mule Power

    Fly With the Hawks - Remarkable!

    Words at War
    Old Time Radio

    Ernie Pyle: Typewriter
    in a Foxhole

    (Audio - Biographies in Sound)

    What's Up! Okinawa
    YouTube videos of Okinawa

    Conversation about the Aka Inu-ko

    Old Picture of the Day

    Friends of Okinawa
    Sign up and find friends in your part of the World!

    BRATS: Our Journey Home

    Ryukyu America Historical Research Society
    read about it here

    9th AVRS - 1950s
    - a fun Slide Show; interactive too!

    Robert (Bob) Carbone, Sr., was among those who set foot on the beaches of Okinawa back in 1945.

    Clyde Durham tells his story of flying side-gunner on B-29 out of Kadena AB during the Korean War.

  • ....... My Yakisoba recipe

    My Fried Rice recipe

    What's Obon?

    How Old Are You?

    The Pacific and Adjacent Theaters in WWII

    Oldies Television


    Test Your News IQ

    Virtual Turnpike

    American Car Brochures

    Various FEN/AFRTS
    ads & PSAs from 1987
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Fun memories!

    Sistine Chapel

    Dog Tricks

    Space Doctor

    What Castle is [this]?
    Joe P. seeks identification of his father's sketch that he made back in 1945. Fascinating!

    This is amazing!

    Robot Bartender

    U.S. Debt Clock
    Okay, so it ain't fun but you oughtta see it!

    Okinawa Soba at Flickr
    - lots of great photos!

    Ode to SPAM

    Music from 1950-1984

    Fun Facts of USMC on Okinawa, 1950 - 1964

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