Friends of Okinawa -

Friends of Okinawa

I have added this feature in the hope that it will be a forum for folks to look for others who share an interest in and a love for Okinawa.

You can search by state using the map to see if there is someone near you. Go for it! Take a look then sign up!
Just fill out the "form" below and then click it on its way. I'll get your information posted as soon as possible.

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(1.) To begin, please enter your name:

(2.) and then your e-mail address:
Your e-mail address will allow others to contact you.

(3.) What years were you on Okinawa?

(4.) Please describe your experience in the Ryukyu Islands.

(5.) If you were not on Okinawa, please describe your interest in the islands.

(6.) Please enter the city, state, province or country in which you currently reside.

Now, just click the "Send it!" button below and you're all set!

Thanks for sharing your information. I hope that this will help to reunite you with an old pal, a family member or someone else who may see you as a Friend of Okinawa.
Domo arigato gozaimasu, tomodachi!
S. A. Mick McClary
P.O. Box 6245
Great Falls, MT 59406 USA