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NEW!!! 1 TON AXELS, Front Dana 60 and rear Corp. 14 bolt Axles NEW!!! Front SOA, Outboard, Reversed Shackle Suspension NEW!!! 1/4 Elliptical Rear Suspension Old SUA Front Suspension
Old 3/4 Ellip Rear Suspension
'78 Scout Dana 44 Frontend
'72 350cu.in. Chevy
Dana 20 T-case
'77 CJ5 Fiberglass Body
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Dana 44 Frontend

The Dana 44 was built at the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard's machine shop by a friend and myself. Its a Scout housing with thick wall tubes and '77 Dana 30 Jeep outters with the '77 big disc brakes. These are the largest disc brakes Jeep ever used. A Trac-Loc is used for the time being, soon I'll be adding a locker to match the rear. Look back soon for a writeup on the locker install. As you can see the axel is trussed and the knuckles are also reinforced with the shock mounted to the reinforcing plate. You can also see the steering box brace I made using a 1"x 2" solid steel bar and the steering box skid plate.