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NEW!!! 1 TON AXELS, Front Dana 60 and rear Corp. 14 bolt Axles NEW!!! Front SOA, Outboard, Reversed Shackle Suspension NEW!!! 1/4 Elliptical Rear Suspension '72 350cu.in. Chevy
Dana 20 T-case
'77 CJ5 Fiberglass Body
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Twin Stick Dana 20

Heres a drawing of the twin stick linkage I made .

Front WD Only & 2WD Low Range
(Jeep CJ Dana 20 and Scout Dana 20)

There are a few things to remember when making this conversion, The advantage with a twin stick Dana 20 is the ability to have 2wd low range and front wheel drive only. Front WD is nice to have in certain situations, slick offcamber sidehills are one, the front wheels pull you through with less sideslipping. The only bad point is that its possible to shift one axel into low range and the other axel into high range at the same time. If you do this your T-case will end up in pieces. There is a interlocking pin between the two shift rail shafts inside the T-case. This pin prevents the user from shifting into 2wd low range and shifting the axles into two different ranges at the same time. In most t-cases this pin is worn (or the spring in broken) to the point that its not neccesary to remove but if you can't shift into low range, the pin is preventing it and must be removed. There is an access hole in the side of the Tcase near the shift rails, it is close to where the linkage connects to the rails. Remove the plug and remove the interlock pin and spring(it's a "pill" shape). Like I said before, now the shifters will move into any position be very carefully not to shift one axle into low and the other into high.