I was born in  Romania to a Hungarian Mother and Romanian Father.  After escaping from Romania in 1979 I lived in Italy where I acquired job in a refugee camp as a translator/clerk.  Shortly thereafter I immigrated to Canada in 1980 as a political refugee.  I race motorcycles and live with my wife and two daughters in southern Ontario, Canada.  My wife Mary and I are actively involved in helping developmentally delayed children reach their full potential.  I also have a novel titled “Repent” which came out in the summer of 2001 and am under negotiations with my just completed two novels titled “Invisible Birthmarks” and "Pockets of Time".

I have spent many years writing, acting and directing avant-guard stage productions, in Europe and Canada.  My visual arts background extends into producing and writing short scripts.  At present, I am focusing on writing visually-enriched, emotionally-fulfilling novels.  When I write I believe I create a sense-of-immediacy so that the readers can participate.  


My Passions

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The Present


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