Hi Mike, 

Well, I'm so sorry it took me so long, but I finally finished your book.

I found once I got into it, it really got interesting, specially the mystery/thriller overtone.  

Okay, are you ready, I only have four words for you in regards to this book - and I'm sorry, but this is how I feel:


Ah ha, made you reach for that one, old friend, didn't I. Well, I mean it. I would hold this book up to a Stephen King novel any day of the week.


Bobby Ruble  

Author of "Have No Mercy" and "Black Rosebud:  Have No Mercy II"


I mentioned on the reviews page that I would like to hear any comments that you may have or questions about  my present novel Perplex Vision 2000.  Here you can read those comments and my response.

Linda Tucker of Thornhill, Ontario, Canada  writes:

I'm only halfway through your novel "Perplex Vision" and I can't put it down,  when I do, I just can't wait to get back to it.  Good Stuff Mike.

Mike Anka writes:

I'm very happy your enjoying the novel Linda, perhaps when you've completed it you wouldn't mind giving me a review.  Enjoy!  It only gets better.

Lisa MacPhail of Prince Edward Island,  Canada writes:

Mike, I liked meeting Peter.  Are we going to hear more from him in the near future?

Mike Anka Writes:

Lisa,  Peter was one of my favorite characters in Perplex Vision also.  A tender, uncorrupted soul.  It's a very good possibility he may become a liaison between our two worlds in the near future.

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