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Editorial Review

Mr. Anka, you have an intense thriller of a story here, one that is rich in both the spiritual and the magical -- it is a real pleasure to be a part of bringing your writing to publication.

Ms. Christen Beckmann
Senior Editor, Publish America

Dark Secrets...Magical Events.  This novel has it all.

There is a mysterious dark secret about this book: It grabbed me from the beginning and kept me “connected” with all its thrills until the end. The spiritual richness and the magical events mixed with the author’s passionate eye focusing on this tormented planet made me feel for the first time that I belonged here. It made me feel proud to be a “farmer” in this Global Village. I strongly recommend this book to others.Emile 

Flesherio, New York, NY 

Exhaled With Wonder

First reaction: Intense Thriller novel which kept my hands grasped around the book—afraid that somebody might take it away from me.  Or, perhaps, I was so absorbed by the storyline that I was participating in the action.  The characters so real, the events so magical, often spiritually touching, I “flew” around the world and beyond, chasing the unorthodox main character, his visions and actions until exhausted, I laid down and exhaled with wonder.  I strongly recommend this book to others.

Mary Mitchell, Canada


Michael Anka, you did it again. After reading PERPLEX VISION, the author's first novel, I was so thrilled with the book that I started looking
for more. Many months later it finally arrived: REPENT is an intense Thriller full with magic and spiritual journeys which made me feel humble and enriched. The story is captivating, sprinkled with good humour and a charming innocence which made it into an emotionally-rewarding and entertaining book. The dialogue rolling, the scenes so intense and absorbing, I lost almost two nights eager to reach its resolution. And I was not disappointed. Looking forward for the next book. 

Charles Woodridge, a Logic designer from Vancouver

Thought Provoking Mysticism

Repent 200 is a very unusual tale. It combines fast paced action with some very thought provoking mysticism. This makes it very difficult to put down. 
The story opens with Steven Conrad in a race at the Daytona Speedway. He is determined to win this race even if it means pushing his bike beyond its limits. Victory seems to be within his grasp when his engine fails. The ensuing crash leaves him in a two-week coma. Or so it would seem. But when he wakes up his body is badly bruised and covered with a fine silvery dust that is later shown to be from way out in space. In his hand is an unexploded hand grenade with the pin pulled. 
Where was he and what was he doing? Signing himself out of the hospital against the advice of his Doctors, Steven heads for Yukon Territory when he owns a rather unusual house in an isolated area.  As the story unfolds we see Steven showing up almost simultaneously in trouble spots all over the world.  Each time he performs some daring act of heroism ranging from saving baby girls from a horrible fate in China, to blowing up secret nuclear establishments in Iraq. But who or what was impelling him to take these journeys, apparently against his will? To find the answers Steven takes trips far out into space only to have an Indian Shaman close to home help him to understand who and what he really is.  

Repent 200 is a very well written story that will appeal to anyone who likes a lot of action combined skillfully with mysticism that really makes you think. 

Marge Robbins
Assistant Reviews Coordinator

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