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  "It was a great honour to hear from Mike Anka 

and as soon as i read the script WOW! I'm really 

excited to have the opportunity to play Tiffany Woodstock, 

her character is amazing and a dream for me to play" --  Zara







           CHi Media Joins Mike Anka's CHAMELEON:

           Mike Anka's Chameleon is a fast paced 

           blockbuster of an action film that has now 

           been acquired by pre production marketing 

           agents CHi Media LTD.

           Mike, who wrote the script for Chameleon

           has joined up with Producer Vic Marke of

           CHi Media to develop the project of this 

           Million Pound UK Action flick that follows the

           adventures of our heroine Tiffany Woodstock.

CHAMELEON Now in Early Production stages
ZARA's first UK lead star action role is planned for summer 2006, in the medium budget all out action movie 'CHAMLEON'.
Written and co produced by Canada's Mike Anka, Chameleon will see Zara work under USA Director George Butiri (Crops) once again.
The film is not a Martial Arts based movie as such, however, there will be some cool martial Art action from Zara who plays lead character Tiffany Woodstock, the Chameleon Hit Woman feared by the Criminal Underworld and out for some serious vengeance.


University Student Tiffany Woodstock comes across sudden drama: double murder in the family. Trauma under control, she sets up a plan to find the killers and do them in.  Intent tracking and fighting develops. 
"They" are after her now too.  Connecting with her friends in the underworld she becomes a Contract Assassin turning from the hunted into the hunter:
the most feared one because now she's the "CHAMELEON".





                                This recently completed/edited feature length screenplay 

                                  is currently under New York City Agent Representation.




Recently Completed two (2) feature film scripts, working on a third.       



Invisible Birthmarks and Pockets of Time Novels under contract negotiations

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