Perplex Vision 2000

ISBN 1883707641

I wrote this book inspired by our latest efforts to connect with the "Universal Village," which I believe will show results in the very near future.  What sets this book apart from other "alien" books is the fact that it is written with heart and passion, giving the reader a chance to emotionally interact with the story's development and participate with the characters in solving the numerous conflicts.  The book is quite unique for another reason--it's written in a reversed angle, the perplexity and new discoveries are perceived from the alien's point-of-view, giving the book a sudden immediacy which I tried to sustain throughout the entire story. The beauty and ugliness of our endeavours perceived by curious and humble extra-terrestrial eyes trapped in the middle of it all, forced by circumstances to react to the events.

Without giving away the plot of the book, I would like to assure my readers that it will be a rewarding and emotionally-fulfilling experience.

 Mike Anka, the author



An advanced civilization’s spaceship traveling through on one of its space journeys discovers a “wandering” unmanned mysterious space capsule.  The spaceship seizes the capsule and takes it to their planet to identify its nature.  The discovery astonishes the travelers:  It is a space module sent out by planet Earth in search of other civilizations.  Impressed by the capsule’s content and presentation, the Vestals decide to send one of their advanced ships down to planet Earth to establish contact with the humans. 

The Vestal spaceship crash-lands in the Florida marshes and all its crew perishes with the exception of two.  Stranded and injured, trying to find their way they happen upon and witness a brutal murder in the Florida marshlands.   The aliens resurrect the dead bodies and transfer their souls into them.  Shortly after the powerful human psyche returns to the bodies and an intense psychological

conflict develops between the two different mindscapes.  Peter, an eight-year-old black child, smart for his age and street- wise will help bring out the best in both races.  It’s time now for adventures, healings, learning and magic -- together.

The book ends with the five making positive contact with NASA which will help the return of the enriched aliens to their home planet.                          

            The Human mindscape will never be the same!



Page 1 of Perplex Vision 2000: First Contact Earth

The spacecraft, hurtling through the galaxy, was the only visible disturbance in the cold darkness. The stillness was so disconcerting, and so powerful that it was evoking profound, shapeless images in the minds of the four astronauts stationed behind the control consoles of their spacecraft. 

Vaton, the spaceship's commander, was staring intently through the front shield of his ship into the darkness.  His well-tuned intuition was responding to a remote signal, he was sensing danger, yet he could not determine its nature or its direction. 

These early warning signs had started nearly six hours ago. 

Trusting his intuitive senses, which had proved themselves accurate time and time again, he closely monitored his ship's behavior, the crew's physical and mental status, and his detailed galaxy chart.   They were on course, and everything was in perfect working order. 

He glanced at his console again.  Although the hypersensitive instruments in front of him were active there was no indication of any change in status.  But, his biological sensors continued to indicate approaching danger, and for some reason he felt his chest tightening.

Vaton glanced at his crew.  The three astronaut-scientists were all veterans in space travel.  Their attentions were focused and alert he sensed, but they appeared relaxed as they monitored the spaceship's high-velocity propulsion parameters.

After traveling nearly one and a half light years through space, they were finally getting closer to home.  He and his crew were so excited that the energy level in the spacecraft was increasing in intensity as they approached their planet.

Telepathically, Vaton knew that two of his crewmembers were analyzing the mysterious capsule they had captured earlier.  A capsule they had found drifting aimlessly through the outer layers of the solar system.  It was occupying Vaton's mind as well, for the capsule provided tangible proof that other civilizations existed elsewhere in the galaxy.  He could not wait to reach the home base to investigate its enigmatic nature.             

His survival instincts jolted his attention back to the instruments, but their status had still not changed.  Yet, instinctively, he knew that something was about to occur.  His inner warning signals were pulsing strongly demanding his attention.  Vaton alerted his crew.  The four astronauts were engaging all the standby protective systems of the spacecraft, and were carefully monitoring the jet-black space in front of them.  

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