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............Not only is Perplex Vision a very unusual, albeit totally absorbing, first contact story; it is full of thought-provoking, mind-bending concepts that will keep a reader enthralled and on the edge of their seats for the entire tale. This story has my heartiest recommendation to anyone who is willing to expand his or her mind in many directions while at the same time being very well entertained. Mike has outdone himself this time.  See the full Review

Marge Robbins,  Reviews Coordinator for Sime~Gen

Wonderful Imagination!   Great Storyline! 

The new science fiction novel, PERPLEX VISION, by Michael Anka is a winner in my book. I am not a true reader of Sci-Fi, but I found myself glued to the pages to see what was coming next.  Anka's ability to come up with strange happenings that most people don't even dream about shows what a wonderful imagination he has. This imagination, and the capabilities to process them into a great storyline, is what makes a good science fiction writer. Anka brought his characters to life which makes the reader feel that the incident he writes about could actually happen. I also like happy endings. PERPLEX VISION is one of the happiest to the point of bringing tears to the eye of the most hardened. I place Anka on par with the best such as Rodenberry and King, and highly recommend this book to all readers.

Review by Bobby Ruble, author of HAVE NO MERCY

Real Visionary Writer at Work

Perplex Vision is one of the most imaginative books I have read in a long time.  The author has realistically been able to transport the reader from one reality to another, which is what reading is all about. The story shows a real visionary writer at work.  Excellent story, characters. Twists and turns in just the right places. What else can I say except an excellent novel, so stop reading this review and go out and get it, otherwise you will miss out on one  hell of a novel.

Stephen J. Williams, Author of "The Glowing"

BRAVO!   BRAVO!    Wonderful!  Very ingenious.   I was emotionally moved on many occasions.  One does not want the book to end.  Congratulations Mike!

Johan du Toit, Publisher

Psychological Thriller 

Perplex Vision 2000 is so visually written that it makes you feel that you are living the psychological thriller with unlimited dramatic twist. The characters are exciting, they moved me emotionally. The Author constantly keeps you guessing as to what is going to happen next. I couldn't put it down, in the end the Author leaves you wanting more. 

Mary Mitchell

Absorbing Intergalactic Journey

"Perplex Vision"  propels the reader on an absorbing intergalactic journey, where the destination is ...EARTH.

The Author turns the terrestrial tables and gives us a provocative glimpse of space travel from the perspective of the visiting aliens.  Imaginative and creative insights into the power of advanced technologies lends Mike Anka's "Vision" credibility, and when alien and human meet on the spiritual plane, it makes for a very unique and entertaining read indeed.

William Rennie, Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada


I felt reluctant about buying this book by an unknown author but the cover image won me over.  I found it later, very true to the book, which, once started, I had to read it to the finish, had to see what the next unexpected turn would be. The passionate voice and action of the story, so unorthodox, yet so smoothly meshed made me feel humble and excited.  The hidden message of this exciting book is the author’s passionate love for this small planet and its habitants.  He managed to hundred-fold amplify this by presenting it from the “visitors’” point of view, digging deep into their psyche and confronting them with the human mind.  The characters so real and the dialog rolling, managed to draw me into a new, unexpected realm, which I now hope will materialize in the near future.  I strongly recommend this book to others.

Emil Flesherio, New York, New York

Connecting On A Far Deeper Level

PERPLEX VISION. It took me by surprise. I was expecting "star wars"
and inter-planetary strife and found a much more personal and engrossing tale
of beings connecting on a far deeper level. At the same time there was
enough action to keep my fingers gripping the book. I was moved, and
thoroughly entertained. Can't wait for the next book!

Cathy Saltel, Mission, British Columbia, Canada

A Study of Human Nature

 Watching the characters develop and how they reacted to the circumstances kept me reading when I was suppose to be doing other things.  Even though they are handed the same situation in the beginning, the paths they choose are individually theirs until they join in the end.  Diane has attitude and kicks butt.  The strong personalities of Diane and Vaton mesh well with the personalities of Geoffrey and Uvigadva.  Even though I’ve finished the novel days ago, I find myself daydreaming about Geoffrey and Diane and their adventure. Thank you Mike!

Lisa MacPhail, Prince Edward Island, Canada


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