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Abortion-Crime Link
Advertising of Cigarettes Banned
Airlines, Smoking on
Apartments, Smoking in
Anti-Slavery Abolitionists
Analyses of Anti-Slavery Abolitionists
Arbitration Cases Re Job Smoking Issues

Bible Principles on Cigarette Selling, History of
Billboard Ban Law, Gov. Enger's Support
Billboard Ban Speech I, Warren City Council
Billboard Ban Speech II, Detroit Zoning Hearing
Billboard Ban Speech III, Detroit City Council
Billboards, Cease and Desist Cigarette Ads
Birth Defects
"Black Lung Disease"
Book Review, of Robert Bork's Slouching Towards Gomorrah
Brain Damage
Brain Damage, Behavioral Impact
Breast Cancer
Bribery 1795 to Present
Budzyn-Nevers Case Analysis
Bush, George
Business Practices of Tobacco Companies

Cancer Statistics: 1925
Catholic Article vs Smoking
Catholic Opposition to Slavery
Cato, Exposé of the Original
Causation Analysis Statistics: Medical History
Censorship - Tobacco Taboo
Chemicals, Toxic, in Cigarettes, List
Church Opposition to Tobacco
Cigarette Ads Are Illegal
Cigarette Ads Are Illegal in Michigan
Cigarette Selling, The 19th Century Clergy View
Cigarette Smuggling Emergency in Michigan, Gov. Engler's August 1997 Finding
Comments for International Tobacco Treaty
Condominiums, Smoking in
Confederates' Revenge
Consequences, Natural and Probable
Cost Analysis, 1980
Court Cases

Court Cases, All, U.S.
Court Cases, Cost Recovery
Court Cases, Kentucky
Court Cases, Pennsylvania
Court Cases, Product Liability
Court Cases, Tobacco Company Business Practices
Court Cases, Tobacco Company Tax Practices
Court Cases, U.S. Supreme Court
Court Cases, U.S. Federal Appeals Courts
Court Cases, U.S. Federal and State, Chart of Research in Process

Creationism/Intelligent Design

Dangerous Tobacco: Case List
Darwin, Charles
Death Rates Study (1938)
Deforestation Prevention
Deforestation (Related Sites)
Drug Abuse
Drug Testing Is A Scam
Duty of Aid

Edison Letter, 1914
Education: Different A Century Ago
Effects of Tobacco, Links to Details and Solutions
Emancipation Proclamation, by President Abraham Lincoln
Enforcing the Cigarette Law, Gov. Engler's 22 Jan 1999 Letter
Enforcing Michigan Cigarette Law, Request to Judge Glazer
Equities, Balancing the
Every Church A Peace Church
Extradition of Cigarette Pushers

FCTC, Comments to (c. 1999)
Federal Appeals Courts' Cigarette Cases
Federal Controlled Substances Act
Fire-Safe Cigarettes Issue
Fletcher Product Liability Case Legal Paper
FDA, Comments to, June 2014
Fresh Air, The Right to

Gambling, Smokers' Acalculia, Role in
Garbage, Like Smoke, Court Case Against It
Genocide By Tobacco Pushers
Genocide, Indictment of Rwandan for

Hall's Job Smoking Ban Precedent
Hardy, Jacques, Plutocrats' Greatest Secret Weapon
Hazard Cited, 1889
Hazard Cited, 1914
Hazard Cited, 1925
Hazard Cited, 1938
Hearing Loss
Heart Disease
Hiring Practices: No Smokers
History, Black (DWB Issue)
History, Black (Slavery)
History, Black (Voting Rights Denial)
Hitler - Smoker
HUD and Smoke-Free Housing, A Precedent

Increased Risk of Death
International Law, Early
International Law, Extradition
International Law, Genocide
Indoor Air Quality Regulation Letter, April 1993
Iowa Cigarette Ban Law, 1897

Job Smoking Cases

Kentucky Youth Activism
Kevorkian Case: 1997

Landlord-Tenant Cases
Law, Advertising
Law, ALR's
Law Based Solutions
Law, Criminal
Law, Extradition
Law, Genocide
Law, Definitions
Law, Michigan
Law, Michigan (1909)
Law, Nuisance Caused by Smoke
Law, Tennessee
Longevity, Tobacco Reduces
Lung Cancer

Machinsts Monthly Journal
Maine Gov. Angus King, Sample Letter to
Maine Clean Air Group Site
Maine: Recommended Websites for Its Residents
John McCain
Medical History
Memory Loss, Tobacco-Induced, Crime Role
Mental Disorder
Michigan Law Analysis
Michigan Law Verification, July 1997
Michigan Law Verification, Sep 1997
Michigan Legislature: Cigarette Report, 1889

Nagasaki, Bombing of, by Gary Kohls, M.D. (August 2007)
Negligent Hiring, How to Avoid

Painter and Decorator
Prof. Michael Parenti, Ph.D.
Dr. Pearl's Famous 1938 Death Rates Study
Pennsylvania Smoking Litigation Case List
Perkins' Job Smoking Ban Precedent
Pesthouse, Not Allowed
Planets - Perspective
Politicians, Overview: Psychopaths

Bush, George
Churchill, Winston
Giuliani, Rudolph
Hitler, Adolf
McCain, John
Obama, Barack
Palin, Sarah
Reagan, Ronald

"Preaching" (1868)
Profits of Religion (book by Upton Sinclair, 1917)
Preventing Youth Smoking, American Journal of Public Health Paper
Prison Reduction Via Cigarette Ban
Product Liability Cases
Prohibition Success
Public Transportation Cases

Racism, DWB
Reding, Georges, Case 1999
Religion, Corruption of

Slavery, Supported by Churches (book by James Birney, 1840)
Slavery, Supported by Churches (book by Rev. Stephen Foster, 1843)
Profits of Religion (book by Upton Sinclair, 1917)

Republican Platform, 1860
Requesting Gov. Engler To Enforce Michigan Safe Cigarettes Law
Right to Fresh and Pure Air
Right to Life Issues
Ronald Reagan

Sample Letter to Gov. Engler
Sample Letter (Generic)
Sample Letter to Atty Gen Jennifer Granholm
Sample Letter to West Virginia Governor
Seat Belts
Shimp's Job Smoking Ban Precedent
Sinclair, Upton, Profits of Religion (1917)
Slavery: History

Abolitionists' History (book by Rev. Parker Pillsbury, 1883)
Activism Against Slavery (book by William Goodell, 1852)
Atrocities by Slavers (book by slavers, edited by Rev. Theodore Weld, 1839)
Lecture Against Pro-Slavery War (lecture by Charles Sumner, 1845)
Anti-Slavery Speech (lecture by Charles Sumner, 1860)
Secession Data (book by Henry Wilson, 1877)
Slavery: Religious Opposition Examples
Selling of Joseph (book by Samuel Sewall, 1700)
Brief Examination of the Practice (book by Ralph Sandiford, 1729)
Slave-Keepers, Apostates (book by Benjamin Lay, 1737)
Slavery Sinfulness (speech by Bishop Samuel Horsley, 1806)
Letters on Slavery (book by Rev. James Rankin, 1823)
Bible Against Slavery (book by Rev. Theo. D. Weld, 1837)
The Chattel Principle (book by Rev. Beriah Green, 1839)
Slavery, Supported by Churches (book by James Birney, 1840)
Slavery, Supported by Churches (book by Rev. Stephen Foster, 1843)
Slavery As Harm to Christianity (sermon by Rev. William W. Patton, 1846)
Slavery, Supported by Churches (book by Rev. Parker Pillsbury, 1847)
Slavers, Disfellowshipping (book by Rev. Silas McKeen, 1848
Slavers, Disfellowshipping (book by Rev. John G. Fee, 1849)
Slavery Sinfulness (book by Rev. John G. Fee, 1851)
Slavery Sinfulness (book by Harriet B. Stowe, 1853)
Slavery Sinfulness (sermons by Rev. George Cheever, 1857)
Slavery Sin (Fire and Hammer Lecture, May 1858)
Slavery Theory Biologically Wrong (1859)
Things for Northern Men to Do Against Slavery (speech by Rev. B. Green, 1836)
Slavery: Unconstitutional and Illegal (Overview)
Anti-Slavery Precedent (decision by Lord Mansfield, 1772)
Slavery Unconstitutionality (brief by Salmon Chase, 1837)
Anti-Slavery Letter (book by Gerrit Smith, 1839)
Slavery Unconstitutionality (book by George Mellen, 1841)
Slavery Unconstitutionality (speech by Alvan Stewart, 1845)
Slavery Unconstitutionality (book by L. Spooner, 1845)
Slavery Unconstitutionality (lecture by Benjamin Shaw, 1846)
Slavery Unconstitutionality (speech by Horace Mann, 1849)
Slavery Unconstitutionality (book by Joel Tiffany, 1849)
Fugitive Slave Law, The (Speech by Robert Rantoul, Jr., 3 April 1851)
Slavery Unconstitutionality (speech by Abraham Lincoln, 1854)
Slavery Unconstitutionality Everywhere (book by Edward Rogers, 1855)
Slavery Unconstitutionality (speech by Frederick Douglass, 1860)

Slippery Slope
Slouching Towards Gomorrah (Book Review, of Robert Bork's book)
Smokers' Rights Cases
Smoking Cases at Federal Appeals' Courts
Smoking Cases at Supreme Court
Smoking on the Job
Smuggling of Cigarettes, Emergency, Michigan Gov. Engler's August 1997 Finding
Speed Limits
Statistics In Causation Analysis: Medical History
Statement on the Economy
Stowe, Harriet Beecher (Abolitionist)
Stowe, Harriet Beecher (Book, Key to Uncle Tom's Cabin)
Streetcars, Smoking on
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
Surgeon General Report - 1881 (Excerpt)
Surgeon General Report - 2010
Systemic Analysis
Szoka, Cardinal, Letter to

TCPG No Smoking Intro to Other Organizations
TCPG Home Page
Tennessee Cigarette Ban Law 1897
Testimony: Increase Cigarette Penalty
Testimony: Cigarette Ban = Less Prisons
Right to Bear Arms - Preventing Crime
Tobacco, Adulteration
Tobacco Effects Books:

Dr. Benjamin Rush, Influence of Tobacco Upon Health, Morals, and Property (1798)
Rev. Orin Fowler, Evils of Using Tobacco - Necessity of Immediate - Entire Reformation (1833)
William A. Alcott, M.D., Tobacco . . . Effects on The Human System (1836)
Rev. Benjamin Lane, The Mysteries of Tobacco (1845)
Dr. John Burdell, Tobacco: Its Use and Abuse (1848)
Dr. Joel Shew, Tobacco: History, Nature, Effects on Body and Mind (1849)
Dr. John Lizars, The Use and Abuse of Tobacco (1859)
James Parton, Smoking and Drinking (1868)
W. M. Hutchings, Smoking to the Glory of God (1874)
Charles R. Drysdale, M.D., Tobacco and the Diseases It Produces (1875)
Benjamin W. Richardson, M.D., Diseases of Modern Life (1876)
Dr. H. A. Depierris, Physiol. Soc.: Tabac Plus Violent des Poisons (Paris: Dentu, 1876)
Rev. B. W. Chase, Tobacco: Physical, Mental, Moral, Social Influences (1878)
Dr. James Jackson, Tobacco - Effect upon Health and Character (1879)
Edward P. Thwing, Facts about Tobacco (1879)
G. F. Witter, M.D. Tobacco - Effects: Report to Wisconsin Board of Health (1881)
Surgeon General Report - 1881 (Excerpt)
Prof. John Hinds, Ph.D., The Use of Tobacco (1882)
Meta Lander, The Tobacco Problem (1882)
Ariel Livermore, Anti-Tobacco: Speech to Meadville Temperance Union (1882)
Rev. Russell L. Carpenter, LL.D., A Lecture on Tobacco (England, 1882)
Rev. John B. Wight, Tobacco: Its Use and Abuse (1889)
Count Leo Tolstóy, Why Do People Intoxicate Themselves? (10 June 1890)
Charles E. Slocum, M.D., Ph.D., LL.D., Tobacco: Its Deleterious Effects (1909)
Herbert H. Tidswell, M.D., The Tobacco Habit: Its History and Pathology (1912)
Dr. Abel Gy, L'Intoxication Par Le Tabac (1913)
Henry Ford, The Case Against the Little White Slaver (1914)
Prof. Bruce Fink, Tobacco (1915)
Charles B. Towns, Ph.D., Habits That Handicap (1915)
Rev. Luther Higley, The Brown God and White Imps: Evils of Tobacco and Cigarettes (1916)
John H. Kellogg, M.D., LL.D., F.A.C.S., Tobaccoism, or, How Tobacco Kills (1922)
Prof. Bernarr Macfadden, Truth About Tobacco: How to Break the Tobacco Habit (1924) Richard J. Walsh, The Burning Shame of America: An Outline Against Nicotine (1924)
William H. Brown, Tobacco Under the Searchlight (1925)
Charles G. Pease, M.D., Correspondence on Smoking (1928-9)
Rev. Charles M. Fillmore, The Tobacco Taboo (1930)

Tobacco Effects List
Tobacco Murder
Tobacco, Toxic Chemicals
Tobacco Sellers Challenge Atty Generals' Deal With Manufacturers
Treatment Advisor

Ultrahazardous Activity: Smoking
Unconstitutional Speed Limits
Underlying Eonomics Excerpts

Prof. Thomas Wharton Collens
Rev. Dennis Hird, M.A.
Macihinists' Monthly Journal
Rev. Conrad Noel
The Painter and Decorator
Universal Malice
"U.S. Litigation Against Cigarette Advertising:
Precedents for the British Litigation" (eBMJ, 31 May 2000)

Veto of Mich Smokers Rights Bill
Victim Bashing
Victim, Duty of Aiding
Videos on Smoking: Part 1,   Part 2,   Part 3

Wendling v R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co, et al.
West Virginia, Recommended Websites for its Residents

Workplace: Don't Hire Smokers
Workplace: Don't Smoke, Per OSHA Law, NY St J Med Paper (Sep 1986)
Workplace: Hall v Veterans Administration EEOC Judge Order Banning Smoking (Sep 1986)
Workplace: No Smoking on the Job Narrative
Workplace: Perkins v Ford Motor Court Order Banning Smoking (Nov 1986)
Workplace: Shimp v New Jersey Bell Court Order Banning Smoking (Dec 1976)
Workplace: Smith v Western Electric Appellate Brief (1982)
Workplace: Smith v Western Electric Amicus Brief (Spring 1982)
Workplace: Social Security Arbitration Case (Jan 1982)
Workplace, Washington State Supreme Court Decision (1999) - Thank You

Zeno's 'Achilles and Tortoise' Paradox: Solutions

Writings At the British Medical Journal Site
The TTS Death Toll in China Issue aka
Suggestion for Preventing Tobacco Deaths in China
(4 Dec 98)
A Stress Disorder Issue Linked to Drug Abuse aka Smoking
Underlying Prostitutes' Behavior and Stress
(18 Jan 99)
Mooting Negative Result TTS Studies Issue aka
Mooting the "Publication Bias" Issue
(24 Feb 00)
Alternative Approaches to Achieving
Healthy People Goals
(5 Apr 00)
U.S. Litigation Against Cigarette Advertising:
Precedents for the British Litigation
(30 May 00)
Smoking: Confounding or Alternative
Suicide Explanation?
(16 June 00)
Agreeing That The New Russian Law Will Likely Not Work (16 Feb 2002)
Comprehensively Solving the Tobacco Problem (26 Feb 2002)

At Other Sites
Memorandum for Secretary of Labor Alexis Herman Seeking Anti-TTS Action (29 May 1997)
Seeking MI Law Enforcement,
"Obscure law bans cigarette sales
Detroit News (29 Dec 1998)
Refuting the Myth The Tobacco-Cancer Link
Was Not Known Till 1930's Germany
[ACSH Vol. 12, Issue 1], 2000) [Second from Top]
Suggestions for World Health Organization
Proposal in Process
(14 March 2000)

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