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Richardson Family

     The mother of my grandfather, Rufus M. Kincaid, was Anna Richardson.  Click here to see pictures, and her obit, including a tintype taken in the early 1870s.  This is the line for the Richardsons:

1-Drury Richardson b: 1740, NC, d: 1 May 1811, Moore Co, NC
sp: Sally ? , m: NC
     2-William Richardson b: 1770, NC, d: 1805, Moore Co, NC
     sp: Margaret ? (Maybe Ritter)
          3-Drury Richardson b: 1795, Moore Co, NC, d: 1855, Lincoln Co, TN
          sp: Priscilla Prosser b: 1804, NC, d: TN, m: 1824, TN
               4-Rittie Caroline Richardson b: 1825, TN
               4-William Richardson b: 5 Jan 1826, TN, d: 17 Oct 1908, Charity, Moore Co, TN
               sp: Nancy Raney b: 2 Mar 1823, TN, d: 2 May 1895, Charity, Moore Co, TN, m: 28 Dec 1847, Lincoln Co, TN
                    5-Thomas Jackson Richardson b: 1848, Lincoln Co, TN
                    sp: Louisa Kincaid b: 1853, Roane Co, TN, m: 15 Oct 1871, Lincoln Co, TN
                    5-Permilia Richardson b: 1850, Lincoln Co, TN
                    5-Sarah Richardson b: 1851, Lincoln Co, TN
                    5-James Thomas Richardson b: 1854, Lincoln Co, TN, d: 1937, Moore Co, TN
                    sp: "Nannie" b: 1859, d: 1934, Moore Co, TN
                    5-Catherine Richardson b: 1855, Lincoln Co, TN
                    5-John A. Richardson b: 1857, Lincoln Co, TN, d: 1932, Moore Co, TN
                    5-Berry F. Richardson b: 1859, Lincoln Co, TN, d: 19 Sep 1935, Moore Co, TN
                    sp: Ann R. b: 1871, d: 1961, Moore Co, TN
                    5-Anna Richardson b: 5 Dec 1861, Lincoln Co, TN, d: 1949, bur: West Hill Cem, Sherman, TX
                    sp: Clingan Kincaid b: 1857, Roane Co, TN, d: 11 Nov 1929, Terrell, TX,
                                                                        bur: West Hill Cem, Sherman, TX, m: 2 Sep 1880, TN
                              See KINCAID Page for following family:
                         6-Rufus McDonald Kincaid b: 9 Apr 1896, Pulaski, Giles Co, TN, d: Jul 1971, Dallas, TX
                         6-Lillard Kincaid
                         6-Delma Kincaid
                         6-Alva Bryan Kincaid
                         6-Ailene Kincaid
                         6-Sam Reid Kincaid
                         6-Willie Floyd Kincaid
                         6-Nellie Barnard Kincaid
                         6-Howard Raney Kincaid                     (Family Pictures)
               4-Drury Jr Richardson b: 1831, TN
               sp: Mary Jane Wade , m: 23 Jun 1853, Lincoln Co, TN
               4-Frances Richardson b: 1835, TN
               sp: Epps , m: 1859, Lincoln Co, TN
                    5-Martha Epps
                    5-Jackson Epps
                    5-Pleasant Epps
                    5-Priscilla Epps
               4-James Isham Richardson b: 23 Jan 1837, Lincoln Co, TN
               sp: Mary Jane Sorrells b: 1838, TN, m: 3 Apr 1856, Lincoln Co, TN
                    5-M. A. Richardson b: 1858, TN
                    5-S. C. Richardson b: 1860, TN
                    5-Penne Richardson b: 1862, TN
                    5-W. M. Richardson b: 1864, TN
                    5-James Richardson b: 1866, TN
                    5-M. J. Richardson b: 1869, TN
               4-Jackson C. Richardson b: 1838, Lincoln Co, TN
               sp: Susan Duncan , m: 11 Sep 1857, Lincoln Co, TN
               4-Joel Richardson b: 1842, Lincoln Co, TN
               sp: Christianna Redd b: 1844, TN, m: 20 Jul 1861, Lincoln Co, TN
                    5-John Richardson b: 1861, Lincoln Co, TN
                    5-William B. Richardson b: 1865, Lincoln Co, TN
                    5-Susan Richardson b: 1868, Lincoln Co, TN
          3-John Richardson b: 1793, NC
          3-Enoch Richardson b: 1796, Moore Co, NC, d: Henderson Co, TN
          3-William Richardson b: 1800, Moore Co, NC
          3-Noah Richardson b: 1802, Moore Co, NC
     2-Sally Richardson
     2-Edward Richardson
     2-Robert Richardson
     2-Letha Richardson
     2-Eliza Richardson
     2-Oma Richardson

        I know our Richardsons were living in what is now Moore County, NC, at least in 1790, but probably much earlier.  Drury Sr's son William dies early, 1805, and from the will (William's Will), rather unexpectedly.  This leaves Drury Jr. and his brothers fatherless before becoming teenagers.  In 1811, Drury Sr. leaves us with his will (Drury's Will).  The boys must have been a hardy bunch though, as at least John and Drury Jr.--the two oldest--served in the War of 1812, in the 6th Co, 4th Regiment, of North Carolina (Brown's Division, Davis' Brigade).  
     Drury Jr. (who also had a son Drury) moved to Tennessee between 1821 and 1825.  He settled in Lincoln County where they remained for many years.  In 1871, their part of Lincoln became Moore County.