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Williamson Family Pictures

The caption "Papa Williamson's grandfather" (as noted by Pauline) refers to Henry's grandfather.
     This is my Great-G-G-Grandfather,  Andrew.  This may be the oldest  Williamson picture.  Based on the age of the next picture, I believe this to be pre-1880.

Williamson Clan
     The age of this picture also begs forgiving its flaws.  Henry Williamson is the boy on the farthest left back row, marked "Papa."  I am certain the old man in the middle is the Patriarch, Andrew, and the same person in the picture above it.  In that picture he appears younger, hence the earlier date.  Supposedly Andrew died in 1884, so this picture couldn't be any later.  Immediately in front of him, his wife.  More than likely Henry's father is also in this picture, but I do not know which one he is.  After looking at this for hours, I suspect the woman 2nd from left is his mother.  You will notice that there are far more people in this picture than I have listed in the descendancy line.  That is because I have names of people who could be related, but no proof of their relationship.  Some of these people may be McRae's, Mary Ann Chipman McRae's from first marriage to Duncan McRae, Andrew's step-children (grown up).  John P. and Louella, from Andrews 3rd marriage to Mary Ann Chipman, would have been young teenagers
     If you look long enough, there are many things one can make note of, but I'll leave that to enerybody's own imagination.  In the mean time, I leave you with this:  Have you ever seen a rougher looking bunch??

John Thomas Williamson
     This is Henry's father--John Thomas Williamson--my great-great-grandfather.  Mary always said he was a one-legged man, but in the group picture preceding, this handicap is not present.  Just by trying to match looks, I cannot determine which person he is (in the group pic), but the family picture does seem to have an arranged appearance--an organization about it--since several of the men standing are directly behind the women sitting.  If true, and this pattern follows the example of the Patriarch/Matriarch, and if I am right about the woman 2nd from left, then Henry's father would be the man behind her.  The mustache and eyes certainly fit.  Henry would appear to look more like his mother than father.

Henry and Lillia Williamson
Ah yes, Finally somebody I know!  That's one happy couple.