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R. R. Gildon
     Cover page of Richard Raymond Gildon's Pension Application:

     The application was filed in Freestone County, TX (PO Fairfield).  He went on to state that he was 54 yrs old; that he lived there for 20 yrs; and that he could not support himself anymore due to hemorrhaging of the lungs, and a bad leg that was wounded when a cannon exploded at Galveston.  Below is his statement of value:

His Signature:

     According to the witnesses who were required to prove the pension, he served from 1863 until the end of the war at Galveston, Houston, Sabine Pass, and Turkey Shoe, Louisiana.  During this time he did some drilling in artillery and obviously saw action against Union attempts to gain a foothold somewhere along the Gulf Coast.  His unit was known at different times as Spaight's 11th Battalion, Griffin's Battalion, 21st Battalion, later Regiment.
     Terry Gildon also says he had an earlier enlistment in a Texas cavalry unit, in Parker County, where he was from.  I suspect this was a State unit, formed more for frontier protection against Indians than as an arm for the Confederacy.