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Thomas Chipman McRae
Governor of Arkansas, 1921-1925

     I include these two pictures together because they were together in the album and more importantly, they are obviously of the same source: studio, technique, age.  Therefore, I assumed the woman was the man's wife, but there is a problem with this assumption as it could be his sister.
     First of all, though the name in the caption is spelled incorrectly, the picture above is indeed Thomas Chipman McRae, many years before he became Governor of Arkansas.  Pauline's captions on the two pictures are, "Papa's Aunt" and "Papa's Uncle."  The evidence I've found indicates that he is not of blood relations, but is indeed a half brother of Henry's father, John.
     Thomas was born in 1851.  His mother was Mary Ann Chipman (thus his middle name), born 1830.  The two of them, along with several other McRae's, are buried in De Ann Cemetery in Nevada County, Arkansas.  Mary Ann's tombstone contains a note that reads as such:  

Widow of Andrew Williamson and Duncan L. McRae

     The fact that she is buried as a McRae is confusing, but I have confirmed from the records that Mary Ann Chipman was first married to a Duncan L. McRae in Feb 4, 1851, and lived near Mount Holly in Union County, Arkansas.  Duncan died Jul 30, 1863.  In that time they had at least 4 children:
Thomas Chipman  1851
Christopher Columbus  1854
Lilly   1856
Colin   1859
                             On Sept 13, 1868, Mary Ann then married Andrew Williamson.  He was 18 years older than her.  Evidently, Andrew's children from his previous marriage were already grown and on their own.  In 1870 the McRae teenagers are living with Andrew and Mary, except Thomas.  More than likely he was away at Law School, for according to his bio, he was accepted to the Legal Bar of Arkansas in his early 20's--he would have been 19 in the 1870 census.  Andrew and Mary Ann went on to have 2 children of their own: John A. and Luella.  Andrew died in 1884.