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Documents for John Kincaid the 2nd

Transcription of the Revolutionary War Pension Claim for
John Kincaid II
(Words in parenthesis are mine, added; underlined words or were spaces filled in on forms; cursive represents all actual handwriting, while Arial Print represents all the type set on the forms.)

(Doc) 16260

North Carolina

John Kincaid

(County) of Lincoln in the State of North Carolina . . . who was a pvt in the ____________ commanded by Captain ____________ of the Regt commanded by Col. Neel  in the South Carolina line for 23 months.
Inscribed on the roll of North Car at the rate of 76 dollars 66 cents per annum to commence on the 4th day of March, 1831.

Certificate of Pension issued the 20th day of July '33 and sent V. McBee, Lincolton N.C.

Arrears to the 4th of March '33 -          153.32
Semi-anl. Allowance ending 4 Sept. - 38.33

{Revolutionary Claim Act June 7, 1832}

Recorded by Wm. Miller Clerk, Book E. Vol. 6
Page 46


John Kincaid


Admit as a private
23 mo - $76.66

Apl. 11:33

Intg. 6.7


Vandy McBee clk
Lincoln Co

BRIEF in the case of John Kincaid County of Lincoln in the State of North Carolina Act 7th June, 1832.

Was the declaration made before a Court or a Judge?  Court
If before a Judge, does it appear that the applicant is disabled by bodily infirmity? (no answer)
How old is he?  83
State his service, as directed in the form annexed.  (no answer)

Period                 |         Duration of Service      |     Rank    |   Names of General and field Officers
                                                                                                           Under whom he served.  
                           | Years      Months       Days  |    As a       |   Gen. Sumpter
drafted 1777                         1               14       private        Col. Neel
vol         1779                         4                             “              
vol         1779                        10                            “              Maj Wallis
drafted  1780                         2                 7     act Lieut      Col Bratton, Col Watson
    “          “                              2                 7       Captain      Col Hathorn, Col Hill
vol           “                              2                 7         Lieut         Col Campbell
                “                thinks   4                          Captain
vol         1781                          5                              
(Note:  These lines were imperfectly written, I copied as appeared, so the commanders may not necessarily correlate to the line they are on-see the actual testimony beginning pg. 4)

In what battles was he engaged?  Kings Mountain
Where did he reside when he entered the service?  York Dist SC
Is his statement supported by living witnesses, by documentary proof, by traditionary evidence, by incidental evidence, or by the rolls?  Traditionary
Are the papers defective as to form or authentication? And if so, in what respect?  Informal, does not state for what purpose he makes his declaration

I Certify that the foregoing statement and the answers agree with the evidence in the case above mentioned.

Ch???? Forrest
Examining Clerk

John Kincaid swears that he was Eighty three years of age on the month day of August which doth appear on the register of his father's Bible that he was born in the County of Cumberland and State of Pennsylvania, removed from there to the County of York, now York District South Carolina in the year 1772 = and where he continued to reside during the War of the Revolution and to the year 1824, from there he removed to Lincoln County North Carolina where he has and continues to reside = Further declares on oath that the following is a true statement of the service he performed in the forces of the United States during the Revolutionary War.
First = That he was drafted for a term of two months.  That he served a term of ten weeks on Sandy River (in Chester Co., S.C.) where a number of Tories were collected, then called Scofulites (?), under Colonel Neel to the best of his knowledge in the year 1777 or 1778.
Second = He volunteered and served a tour of four months under the said Colonel Neel.  Was marched from York District South Carolina to the river on this side of Augusta in Georgia in the early part of the year 1779.
Third = He volunteered and served a tour of ten months against the Cherokee Indians under the said Col. Neel to the over hill Towns(?) he thinks also in the year 1779.
Fourth = That he was drafted for two months and served as tour of nine weeks under Major Wallis at Orangeburg in South Carolina  at which time he was appointed Captain, acted as Lieutenant in thos years 1780.
Fifth = He was drafted for a tour of two months and served nine weeks at Wright's Bluff on the Congaree some distance below Granbys under no higher officer than Captain - at which tour he was appointed and did act as Captain in company with Captains Miller and Hannah.  They were ordered there by Col. Bratton for the purpose of preventing boats from (?) up the river to supply the British with provision, aminition  H(?) in the summer of 1780.
Sixth = He was drafted  (?) two months and served a tour of nine weeks.  Was marched to Brier Creek  in Georgia (Brier Creek starts west of Augusta, and runs south parallel to the Savannah R., converging about 60 miles below Augusta)  and commanded by Colonel Watson, where he also acted in the capacity of Lieutenant also in the year 1780 - (here the clerk makes a note trying to correct an error: previous to the (?) tour inserted on the previous page.  For some reason the clerk recorded # 5 as #6 and vice versa.  I think he is trying to say that the above actually happened before the previous entry)
Seventh = He volunteered and joined General Sumpter in the Indian lands in South Carolina.  He served under him as a captain.  Was marched to Rocky Mount where they had an argument and where the junior Col. Neel was killed.  From there to Friday's Ferry near to where Columbia is now  (?) and Ingrams Ferry where they had several small engagements with the British.  From there marched under the same officers below Camden a few days after Gates defeat, they were surprised and defeated.  After this defeat he fell under Col. Hathhorn(I think this is supposed to be Hawthorn, but is badly written) and was marched to the Wateree where we took Colonel Philips, a Tory, his baggage and some other provisions.  Was then marched under Colonel Hathhorn and Hill to North Carolina and Joined Col. Graham and then united with the mountain men commanded by Col. Campbell where they had the good fortune to defeat colonel Ferguson at Kings Mountain in October 1780 = from the time he joined Col. Sumpter until he returned after the Battle of Kings Mountain he thinks he served a full tour of (?) months = 4 months. (The clerk did not use the “=” sign as “equal” but as a separator, like a dash.  So the end of this sentence is confusing.  He may have been trying to rewrite the unreadable part as “4 months” which makes sense in light of the previous chart of his service)
Eight = Volunteered and served a tour of five months under Colonel Hawthorn (Clearly written as Hawthorn here) in York and Chester District So Car in scouting parties after Tories = in the year 1781    That he was in all to the best of his recollection in the service of the United States Twenty Three months, of which time he acted as Captain eleven months, and as Lieutenant Four months.  At each time of volunteering and drafting that he went from York district South Carolina.  That he received for his services Indents of Certificates on his publick.  That he does not recollect that he ever received any discharge but was dismissed by general orders.  That he does not know of any person now living by whom he can prove this foregoing service - and that his name is not now, nor never has been on any pension list whatever. (The next sentence begins with `I hereby' but is unreadable after.  Appears to be a statement of oath, followed by John Kincaid's signature:  very shaky, but clearly in different hand)      

State of N Carolina
Lincoln County
                               Mr Bolin T Kirby a clergyman, Residing in the county of Lincoln, & Andrew Hoyle, are well acquainted with John Kincaid who has subscribed (?) to the (?) declaration that we believe him to be about eighty three years of age, that he is reported  (?)  in the neighborhood when he  )?) to have been a soldier of the Revolution.  That we concur in that opinion.  Sworn to  (???) this 31st day of October 1832.

(?) (?) W Bee                                        And. Hoyl
Clerk of said Court                                    B T Kirby

(The balance is just a statement by the court clerk that the above was legal and official.  His name is signed here as “McBee” in spite of the spelling above.  He is found as McBee in other documents.)

State of Nth Carolina, Lincoln County
Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions  April term  1833 - April 30

Personally appearing, John Kincaid, a resident of said county  (?)  (?)  says that he is unable to (?) by a (?) (?)living money.  (effect: unable to earn a living)  That he was Captain as is required by the regulations of the Pension deportation.  He therefore contents himself with receiving the pay of a private.  He swears that he served Twenty Three months in all and for this time he claims a pension = he swears that he never received a discharge  (?) (?) he returned always with his officers.
(This is followed by his actual signature)                       John Kincaid

(Another official declaration by McBee, here)

(The following was included in his claim as from the “Indent Book” - his pay for services)

No 521
Book R

Issued the 13th of June 1785 to Mr John Kincaid for One Hundred Pounds Eight Shillings and seven pence Sterling, for sundries for militia use in 1779-1780-1781&1782 as p account-audited

Principal       L100:8:7
Annual Interest  7:0:7
              (?)(Looks like No 11 or No “ )

R         Mr. John Kincaid's account
            Of sundries for Militia use
            In 1779.1780.1781.&1782
                   Amtg to L123.-.- Chg

      One Hundred and twenty three pounds Sterling L158 curry for L22.11/5 chg of which is not certified
                                         W. G.
                                          JMc Ar. (?)

(The following is a dated itemized account of John's pay, but what the dates represent, beginning of service or date of pay, I don't know.  Also 1779 is oddly out of order!)

                 State of South Carolina
                      Dr To JohnKincaid  

Feby 20th      62 days as Lieut at Wright's Bluff at 35/p          L108.10.--
June 1st        79 do as do Light Horse a 45                                   177.15.--
Aug 21st      53 do Captain at L3.5/p                                          172. 5.--

Jany 8th      21 do as do at Lacey's Fort                                        68. 5.--
March 1st   21 do as do at Congarees                                               68. 5.--
April 27   18 do a private Horseman at 20/                                  18.--.-

Feby 1st     46 do at Orangeburg, footman a 10/p                            23

Feb 1st       67 days in Georgia, a private of Light Horse at 20/p   67.--.-
                                                                                             L 703:0:0

1 Sorrel mare lost at Rocky Mount appraised at                          48.0.0
1 Gray horse at Genl. Supter's defeat - a                                    60.0.0
1 do at Friday's Fort at                                                              50.0.0
                                                                   Losses                   158.0.0
                                                                                      =  L 861.
                                                                                    =  L  123.
The above attested before me
                                          Jas Howe     JP
I do hereby impower Mr. Richard Whitaker to receive an Indent for me, to the amount of my account from the Treasuryof the State of South Carolina, and his receipt shall be a sufficient discharge from Gentlemen.
                                          Your Humble Servant
                                                          John Kincaid
Taken and acknowledged
Before me this 9th day
Of September 1786
   W. Bratton

Recd 13th June 1785 full satisfaction for the within, in an Indent - p521R. p order
                      Richard  R  Whitaker
Tho Nicholls

(Note:  The above appears to be backwards: Authorization for Whitaker to receive Kincaid's Indent was Sept 9,1786, while receipt shows he had already done so on June 13, 1785.  Possible explanation:  John gave verbal OK, but there was trouble, so he made it official later-note in the official he says receipts are sufficient for gentlemen, demonstrating his trust in Whitaker.)

So Carolina
Camden District
                          Alex'r Gillespy ap=praises upon oath as Sorrel mare, the property of John Kincaid at forty eight pounds.  Lost in the Public service.
                            Alexr. Gillespy
Sworn before
Jno. McCaw

Joshua Patrick appraises upon oath a Gray Horse the property of John Kincaid, lost in Public Service, at Sixty pounds
                                                                            Joshua Patrick
Sworn before
Jno. McCaw

John Armour upon oath appraises a Gray Horse lost in Public service, the property of John Kincaid, at fifty pounds.
                                                                         John Armour
Sworn before
Jno. McCaw

Comptroller Genrl's Office
Columbia April 24th 1856
                                I hereby certify the foregoing to be a true copy from Indent Book “No521 Book R” and also of the account stating the Services of John Kincaid.
Given under my hand, M.R. Huntt, Dep. Comp. Genl.

Page from family Bible:

Births (from second marriage to Anna Gregory)

Anecdote:  John's original application was approved in 1833, and ended officially when he died in 1836.  Anna, his widow, then had to re-apply for its continuance upon proving their marriage.  We have this application and it is very informative.  However, when the Civil War broke out, her pension of course stopped.  When the war was over, she applied again in 1865, stating that she never was a Rebel and was granted her pension.  She died shortly after this.