After All These Years Author: Leyla Harrison
Summary: Mulder and Scully have been fighting a physical attraction for years ...

Always Like This Author: Ellen Milholland
Summary: Scully and Mulder have a conversation in a car on a dark night.

Burning For Eternity Author: Dana
Summary: Scully's cancer hasn't gone into remission...

Caradhras Author: Pellinor
Summary: Mulder and Scully confront the prospect of defeat, and  maybe something even worse.

Casualties of War Author: Linda Howell
Summary: One night, the game becomes clear to Mulder and leaves him with a decision he must make ... no matter what happens.

Checks and Mates Author: Linda Howell
Summary: Scully must deal with the aftermath of Mulder's action.
*Sequel to Casualties of War.

Cry In The Dark Author: Pellinor
Summary: Mulder's in the hospital again -or is it something much worse?

Desperation Author: Lisa
Summary: What if Scully were awake when ...

Eternal Flame Author: Erin Livingston
Summary: After a visit to the doctor, Scully turns to Mulder for comfort.
*Complete with Erin's artwork*

Healing Touch Author: Lisa
Summary: What's Scully hiding from Mulder after her ordeal in Anarctica?

I Almost Dream Author: Wendy
Summary: Mulder has flashbacks of another life which make him
rethink some of his assumptions about past lives.

Jezebel's Author: Christina Chang
Summary: Life is different when Scully and Mulder meet again in a much changed world.

Sleeping Beauty Author: Zinniad
Summary: Pending

Through a Glass Darkly Author: Pellinor
Summary: As he awaits his victim, a gunman is driven towards
insanity by "memories" that don't appear to be his own.

Through a Glass Darkly: Face to Face Author: Pellinor
Summary: Witheld.  I don't want to give it away.


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Stories added 2/15/99.

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