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Well these aren't solely angsty but I thought that you might find them entertaining.
These are exculsively FM & DS unless otherwise noted with *.
SF Denotes that a collage is  Shipper Friendly.
Type Description Comments
Hospital Collage Well, hospital scences from Seasons 1 - 6 Added 2/8/99
Mulder Collage The second in what will probably be a series Added 2/8/99
Autopsy Collage Scully doing autopsies Added 2/2/99 by Lgirl
Faces of DS A collage of Scully facial expressions Added 2/2/99
Unamed II Mulder showing Scully some TLC Added 2/2/99
Unamed I Debately nonplatonic moments (SF) Added 2/2/99
B&W I An episodal black and white collage
B&W II Large logo with pics surrounding it by Lobstergirl
Mulder Collage What more needs to be said by Lobstergirl
FTF Collage An FTF moments collage 
Manip Collage I Nontraditional collage
Manip Collage II Another nontraditional collage
Shippy Collage Well it's a shippy collage (SF) * My debut collage
Hugs Collage A collage of hugs Strip
flashback collage Set to the words of M. Mori. VERY ANGSTY - you have been forewarned. 
FM & DS A Mulder and Scully Collage - Episodal by Lobstergirl
Myth-arc  A Scully Caner Collage by Dana. 
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