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Q: Why did you write this page?

The simple answer is: "I'm a fan."

Okay so it's not exactly a brilliant answer. I do have a better and longer one, but the short one holds the essence of it.

When I got to University, they were nice enough to allow us free access to the Internet (a big thing at the time), and... to set up our own WebPage. Using the free access, I started looking around for Meat Loaf sites. There are some very fine examples around, which I have placed on this links page. One thing that did take me a while to find at the time was a Meat Loaf Lyrics page. I didn't like the style of the one I eventually found, and when I decided to take the plunge into making a page, I had finally found an idea. I decided to create the most thorough list of Meat Loaf's solo album lyrics.

Q: How did you get into Meat Loaf?

Well, I'm generally a fan of the Rock/Rock'N'Roll style of music. I blame my father for getting me into groups such as Queen and Genesis at a young age (thanks Dad), but my liking of Bon Jovi and Oasis are of my own volition.
All of these artists however pale in comparison to Wagnerian Rock Opera.
IMHO Meat Loaf and Jim Steinman however are the simply the best.

It all began for me in 1993, with the release of "I'd Do Anything For Love". Just watching a music show called "Top Of The Pops" on the off-chance, I caught this new song which had thundered straight into Number 1 (I'd somehow managed missed all the preceding publicity for Meat's relaunch - my typical dumb luck), and the song was the first example of Meat's work I ever saw.

I was blown away. Somehow, the song got into my head. It was an epic roller-coaster, but oddly enough it seemed to fit somehow. Later, I listened to the Bat II CD, and knew that I had found something different and somehow better than the rest. It was the first album I'd listened to where I liked every single track. It is best to describe it in terms of changing to a colour TV set after years on black and white. Whilst the black and white may have good stuff on, the good colour stuff is simply in a league of its own.

Later on that year, I listened to the original Bat. My experiences from Bat II were simply further enhanced, and I knew that this was the artist for me. Meat Loaf doesn't just sing his songs, he lives them, and draws us all into the sheer passion and emotion of the track. Superlatives simply don't suffice. Listening to Meat Loaf properly is an all-enveloping experience that should leave you feeling tired yet satisfied at the end of it.

My love of Meat continued through to buying "Welcome To The Neighbourhood", and the singles from it and going to watch him live at Wembley Arena. One thing to realise about Meat is that if you haven't heard him live, you haven't heard him at all. Meat is at his best with an audience. He takes himself and all those around him onto a higher plane. It is simply some of the best music around.

Q: Hey, I've got an album which isn't on here - it's one of those compilation ones! What's the deal?

When I first created this site, I realised that to keep up with the huge explosion on Meat compilation albums would be a never-ending task. It would also be repetitive since the songs on these albums are to be found on a studio album first. I decided to stick to the studio albums per se, and to only include new songs. As such, the Greatest Hits section only contains the three new songs to be found on it - the others are on the section belonging to their original album. If you're desperate for a particular song, use the Search facility. I've also decided not to include a lot of the miscellaneous songs Meat has done on B-Sides, other people's albums, etc since they're a) difficult to find, and b) I believe that for the casual visitor it's better to stick to the main meat (sorry) of Meat's work. If you're desperate for the more sought after songs then by all means check out some of the sites on the Links page.

Q: Do you own all the albums?

All the ones featured on the site (except Storytellers). That's probably where my student grant went...

Q: I'm looking for a particular lyric/song. Help!

No sweat. Just use the Search facility. If it's on the site, it'll find it.

Q: Wow, I really like these lyrics - but it'd take ages to download them all individually. Any hints?

You can download them as a Zip File all in one easy to download chunk.

Q: That's great, but I have to use my browser to view them. Is there another way?

There sure is. There's a page which allows you to download the lyrics in Text (.txt - use Notepad) format. You can even download these in a Zip file too.

Q: Sorry? Last 2 Answers... A... what file?

Zip. A form of File Compression - never surf the Internet without it (unless you have time and you don't pay the bill). Check out WinZip.

Q: Are you Meat Loaf?

NO! Aagh! You don't know how annoying it gets with people mailing me as if I am. I am just another fan like all of you guys out there who just happened to decide to put a page out onto the Web (I'm quite proud of it really). I am not Meat Loaf, and have no connections to him. There... that just about said it.

Q: Can you do "insert plea here" for me?

Most probably not. I'm a busy student (soon hopefully to be a busy employee somewhere), and I don't have the time or resources to dig up bizzare Meat trivia. Remember, I'm just a fan like yourself. You might well know something I don't.

Q: Do you know Meat Loaf?

Sadly, only through TV interviews and of course, his music.

Q: Is there a Fan Club?

More than one in fact. There's an International one, a U.K. one (which I belong to) and a German one. There may well be others I haven't heard about. Check out the Links page for their sites.

Q: I've got an idea/suggestion/typo report. Wanna hear it?

Sure. I'm only human, and there are bound to have been things I've missed out or screwed up. Mail me - I can't guarantee a reply, but I try to do as many as possible. I do read all my mail. If it's good, it'll probably get implemented (That's how the idea for Lyrics in Text format came about, as well as the Zip files).

Q: Can I link to your site?

Please do. :) The more the merrier.

Q: Can you link to my site?

Sure thing. Mail me, and I'll check it out. If suitable I'll add the link.

Q: Do you do anything else?

Plenty. Why not check out the front end of my site

Q: How many beans make five? (Psychological question here - ask your friends.)

Five usually, it kinda depends on the type of bean.

Q: Closing thoughts?

Remember hope, remember dreams, remember who you are.
Keep fighting, keep your chin up, and Keep On Rocking!

Graham McNally, 17/04/2000

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