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Last updated on 28th July, 2000.

These are some of my favourite links.
Please note, that I have not made or have any influence over any of the pages listed here. They are the responsibility and creations of their respective owners.

Any opinions expressed here are my own, and not necessarily those of the owners of the pages in the list, and also any opinions expressed there are not necessarily those held by these pages.

Also remember that any links related to a section I have up on my Site are contained within the relevant Links section on those pages.

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Serious Links

    News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters
  • Cardiff University Computer Science
    The place where I did my MSc. in Computing
  • Southampton University
    The place where I did my BSc. in Biology with Computer Science
  • Railtrack Timetable
    UK Train times on the Internet - very useful

    Web Based Links

  • Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi
    A splendid HTML reference - if you do raw HTML, use this site
  • Julianne's Background Textures
    Nice backgrounds, many of which are in use on this site
    Cricket on the Internet... what more could you want?
  • Scott's Game Page
    Good games by my former housemate... just one more go!
  • Earth 2025
    Build up your country post World War III
  • Utopia
    Build up your country in a land of Magic and Fantasy
  • Timescape MUD
    I was once 'Nabber' on this now defunct MUD

    Fun Stuff

  • Garfield
    The cool cat's offical website - cartoons galore
  • Dilbert
    Compulsory viewing for those in the know
  • Cardiff University's RAWSoc
    (stands for Roleplaying And Wargaming society)
  • Trandosite
    One of the best SWCCG sites in the world
  • Constructor
    Odd yet fun
  • Southampton University Union Films
    Cheap films! Great!
  • Movie Mistakes.Com
    Watch Films Differently
  • Scott & Simon's "FunMails"
    Silly yet compulsive reading - can you believe I shared a house with these guys!
    Eric Conveys An Emotion - uh... bizarre
  • The Broom Closet
    Jokes, Comics,... All sorts of daft stuff
  • Chosen1's Page Of Laughs
    Some classics here

    T.V. Based Links

  • UK "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" Page
    Excellent TV Show about a teenager who kills vampires...
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer Official Site should watch it
  • Red Dwarf Online
    Superb comedy
  • The 11 O'Clock Show
    Not for the easily offended... you're not? Ok then go ahead...

    Music Related Sites

  • The Official Queen Homepage
    One of the greatest rock groups ever
  • Texas (the group) -> Tex@snet
    A good group...
  • Texas Official WebSite
    ... from Scotland
  • The Offical Martyn Joseph WebSite
    Woefully underrated Welsh Singer/Songwriter

    Authors I Like

  • Raymond E. Feist
  • Robert Jordan
  • Terry Practchett
  • Terry Goodkind
  • Tom Holt
  • Katherine Kerr
  • J.V. Jones
  • David Feintuch
  • Anne McCaffrey
  • Melanie Rawn
  • Tom Clancy


  • The Gaming Depot
    Abandonware site - some great old games here
  • Death By Numbers
    A Liverpool Based Theatre Company
  • Bug Hunt
    My BSc. 3rd Year Project page
  • Jack Nicklaus Courses
    Courses designed by me for this old golf game - in Zip format
  • Ali G interviews Danny Wilson
    Brilliant Spoof Interview - not for the young kids
  • Eric meets a Gazebo
    Amusing transcript of an AD&D session
  • Computer Joke
    The truth about Windows 95?
  • A Fun Real Life Q&A from A UW Chemistry Exam... we kid you not
    The truth about Windows 95?
  • FAT Out Of Hell
    New lyrics for Bat Out Of Hell - written by a tired Computer Scientist (me)

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