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Like a Bat Out Of Hell you'll be KO'd when the morning comes.

First 3 fighters (November 24th, 1996) >>> Axe-Man John, Trevor Tumultuous, and Mr.X
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Proudly representing the U.K. since 1996!
  • Most Fights:
  • Arnold J. Rimmer (90)
  • Highest Number of Wins:
  • Arnold J. Rimmer (41)
  • Highest Status Ever:
  • Arnold J. Rimmer (14)
    ENIGMA* (14)
  • First National Level Title:
  • Mac Loaf (Lightweight)
  • First Continental Level Title:
  • N/A
  • First World Level Title:
  • N/A
  • Best Fighter Career Start:
  • "Basher" Lemming (6 wins)
    Calindor (6 wins)
    Agent "Joe" Palmer (6 wins)
    Straw Fly Bantam Feather Light Welter Middle Light-Heavy Cruiser Heavy Toughman

    * indicates an Active Fighter.

    White Border - Belt earnt under Mac Loaf Management.
    Black Border - Belt earnt under previous Management.

    Purchased Fighters:
    Tom "JeffJeff" Wilkinson: 5-1-0 (0/1), 2-1-0 (0/1) in regional championship fights.
    FunK SOUL BrotheR: 11-5-0 (3/1), 1-2-0 (0/1) in regional championship fights.
    ENIGMA: 20-9-2 (3/2), 6-3-1 (1/0) in regional championship fights.
    Jimmy "Superfly" Snukka: 14-6-0 (4/1), 2-1-0 (1/0) in regional championship fights.
    'Freak' Flash Flood: 14-9-1.

    Belts from Purchased Fighters:
    Light-Heavyweight Regional Championship Belt from Tom "JeffJeff" Wilkinson.
    Welterweight Regional Championship Belt from Jimmy "Superfly" Snukka.
    Bantamweight Regional Championship Belt from ENIGMA.
    Flyweight Regional Championship Belt from ENIGMA.
    Strawweight Regional Championship Belt from ENIGMA.
    Strawweight Regional Championship Belt from FunK SOUL BrotheR.
    Gym Achievments
    Super_Griffin's Golden Glove Tournament (2000)
    Image N/A
    The Golden Boy
    3rd equal on Roll of Honour (Reign from 10/07/2000 - 04/09/2000).
    Semi-Finalist in Knock-Out Tournament.
    JeffyP's Super-Heavyweight Tournament (2001)
    Quarter Final Image
    Knight of Macalon
    2nd (of 36) in Round Robin Stages.
    Quarter Finalist in Knock-Out Stages.
    Flags courtesy of Multimedia Palace.

    Mac Loaf is based in Lewes, England.

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