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Abyssin's Force-Powered Star Wars CCG Page

A Location is affected by the history of the events which occur there. "The Force... binds the galaxy together" and has an ebb and flow.

CURRENT SITE STATUS:Since I am unable to attend tournaments or play SWCCG due to the woeful lack of players in the Cardiff Area whilst I am undertaking my MSc., my Presence Of The Force SWCCG site is temporarily suspended.

Welcome to my Star Wars CCG Website. If you want information about the Star Wars Movies, then you should probably try StarWars.Com. This page is run for players of the Star Wars Customisable Card Game (SWCCG).

Since I maintain my own Web-Site and play Star Wars CCG, I thought it would be a good idea to create a site about this particular hobby of mine. However, I do not want to produce substandard copies of some of the pages already out there, so I have decided to run my site as a link-base for a selection of the best sites (IMHO) out there. Here you will find links to them, all of which I have visited, and commented upon.

Enjoy, and may the Force be with you.

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