Art Work by: Scott "Jade" Murphy
in pencil

Profession: Technician\Copilot Height: 8 feet long
Race: Sluissi Weight: 150 lb.
Age: 42 Hair Color: n/a
Home World: Sluissi 1 Eye Color: Black
CP: 15 FP: DSP: 0 Build: Medium, in shape
Character is not force sensitive.
Distinguishing Features:
"SSyess, of courssse I cans fixx its" Io wears a patch over one of his eyes. Not because of any disability or scaring, but to put people at unease. He frequently changes the eye it is covering. To throw people off. And sometimes he'll hid a small trinket under the patch.


blaster 4d+2
dodge 4d
+2 value 4d

(s)space transports 6d
languages 3d+1

streetwise 4d

alien cultures 3d+1

hide 3d

space transports piloting 5d+2

starfighter gunnery 5d

communications 4d+2

sensors 4d+1

swimming 4d

stamina 3d+2
spacetransport repair 8d+1

sf. weapon repair 6d
computer prog/repair 6d+1

repulsor vehicle repair 6d+1

capitol ship repair 6d

capitol weapon repair 5d+1

blaster repair 5d+2

Background: Sslurn is Io  Ganymede's copilot and tech. They were partners in Min Jax's smuggling band, and when given a Panther by MinJax, they decided to make their fortune together. They have worked together for about 8 years now. Sslurn considers the ship his, and feels it is a work of art. He keeps everything running in perfect condition. Sslurn's first love is the Phoenix. He is quiet, and very laid back by human standards. The rest of his race considers him rather brash and impatient.
He feels most comfortable in the phoenix, and he enjoys the excitement being a smuggler entails.

He is with the group because, he feels for Io, who lost all of his family on Alderaan. He was a much loved guest, when he and Io would visit them. He loved the younger children in the family, and he fights for their memory. Io is his best friend, and they have saved each others lives more times than they can count.

Description. Sslurn is a Slussi. He has a humanoid body, and a snakes tail. He has dark green skin, akin to a dolphins. He wears a Slussi tech's coveralls and his tool belt.

DEX 2D+2
PER 2D+1

Personal Equipment:

  • Phoenix [modified light freighter]
  • Starship tool kit
  • Heavy blaster Pistol
  • Datapad
Personality: Sslurn is considered impatient by his his species standards and he craves excitement. He has a deep dislike for the empire. He was very close to Io Ganymede's family and he morns thier loss. He is very likable and gets along with most anyone. He really enjoys working on anything technical. He usually disassembles and reassembles components for the fun of it.

Art Work by: Scott "Jade" Murphy
in pencil, and chalks