CEC Panther YP-1000f/s
75,000 "new" at Omars 'Black Market'
35,000 used, open market
Stock Light Freighter/Shuttle
1 month
x3 / x25
35 meters
Nav Computer
1 [2 can coordinate] full rig slave Computer has 3D skill in all areas; gunners: 1
130[f]/65[s] metric tons


Art Work by:

Stats by: Scott "Jade" Murphy

Passive 10/0D
Scan 25/D
Search 40/2D
Focus 2/3D
Capsule: Panther YP-1000f/s

These ships were produced before the disappearance of the Katana Fleet. All of these ships have a full rig slave system. It was designed as extremely high speed shuttle, for hostile territories. The ship was designed to be very fast and maneuverable, and out run; and out maneuver pirates and other hostiles in normal space. It was not intended to engage fighters, only disable the opposition, and deliver it's passengers or cargo. It was one of the fastest production ships of this time period. There were only 4000 of the ships made. Production was stopped shortly after the disappearance of the 'Katana Fleet', due to the slave rigging. This ship was also produced with a very short production run [500] as a light freighter [ double the cargo space].

Both models were very expensive, and are difficult to modify extensively [+5 diff. for any new hardware]. They are laid out nicely inside, and critical areas are easy to access for repair. Production was ceased as the ships were slow in hyper space, had slave rigging and were rather expensive compared to other ships of its era.  Recently a cache was discovered of 100 of these ships with 5 being the freighter model. They were discovered on a hollowed out asteroid, once owned by Corellian Enterprises. All records of the asteroids existence were lost in the Clone Wars, and the people who worked at the instillation were lost in an asteroid collision while they were leaving the plant. The asteroid was discovered by a group of smugglers, led by a man called: MinJax, in an asteroid belt in the ‘smugglers run’ near the Corellian sector. They are selling the ships for 75,000 creds apiece, and all of the ships are ‘like new’ they have just been sitting around for 50 or so years. You can purchase one at Omars Black Market

Computer & Automated Systems Slave Rigging: They ships come with a beacon call, and are able to share jump coordinates with other ‘rigged’ ships, and they are capable of flying to the holder of the beacon call, by means of a homing beacon, and are even able to fight their way to their masters With a skill of 3d.

The on board computer has the following skills:

space transports piloting 3d star ship gunnery 3d space transport repair 3d sensors 3d communications 3d

All software installed is the most current available at the time of production.

2 large [fire linked] Ion Cannon
Fire Arc
turret, 360 degrees top
Starfighter Gunnery
1 or computer
Fire Control
Space Range
Atmos. Range
100-300/700/3.6 km
6D [5D if fired separately]
Notes: retractable turret on top of ship


Stats are property of Scott "Jade" Murphy; Graphic is property of Smilin Drex. Format by Tim "Nealos" Salam.







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