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Greetings,and salutations. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Tevor Drexnel a survivor of the destruction of Alderaan. I was a member of the Imperial Army, and later the Navy. I was first trained as a scout trooper, and later at the behest of my father; a peaceful Senator, I transferred, to the Navy, and entered the field of computer operations. I and a small group of friends defected from the empire after the destruction of our home world, although they do not realize this, yet. Their data bases list us as a black ops team. My friends and I realized the evil the empire embodied after our home world was destroyed. Since then we have waged a private war against the empire. This data in this site is a compiled list of our contacts, exploits, and the many people we have met as well as the equipment we have used.



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My ICQ# is 33851557

1998-1999 Tevors Contacts: Star Wars RPG