Unit Resources


Our campaign begins when Alderaan is destroyed.  Most of the members were imperials, originally from Alderaan.  Tevor, a slicer, changed the personal information in the Imperial computer data bases, eliminating all traces of were they really came from and inserted new home worlds in their official records.  Shortly after the destruction of Alderaan the Emperor made a decree that all members of the Empire who were from Alderaan would be transferred to special assignments.  Usually high risk suicide missions , or they were charged with treason  and summarily executed. This is where it begins.......

General notes about our game:

  • - Taking on Storm Troopers is like taking on the U.S.M.C.
  • -Regular soldiers make up the bulk of the Imperial army, although storm Troopers Are not rare.
  • - PC's are a little better than the bulk of the pop, hence improved scores.
  • -If some thing can be role played better than the dice then the dice don't count.
  • -Mandalorian battle armor is a little more common in my game, especially partials. a full suit of armor of the same type as Fett's is worth about 250,000 to 500,000 creds, depending on condition.  Fett is just the most famous user of it.
  • -Light sabers are also a little more common, especially ones that are drained or damaged. Any repair role is heroic +10 [or more] if the character is not a Jedi.  They are worth 20,000 to 150,000 depending on condition.  The force leads Jedi to be to them in my campaign if they don't have one, follow the Jedi code, and are actively seeking a trainer, the more attuned to the force they are they will be more aware of this leading.
  • -X1/2 hyper drives are VERY rare and are worth 100,000+ depending on source, quality ect.  Faster hyper drives exist but they are extremely rare and extremely expensive. Exact price depends on circumstances.
More to come as we come up with them......