Art Work by: Scott "Jade" Murphy
in pencil

Io Ganymede
Profession: Smuggler/Pilot Height:
Race: Human Weight:
Age: 36 Hair Color: Black: long
Home World: Alderaan Eye Color:
CP: 35 FP: DSP: 0 Build: Medium, in shape
Character is not force sensitive.
Distinguishing Features:
Io wears a patch over one of his eyes. Not because of any disability or scaring, but to put people at unease. He frequently changes the eye it is covering. To throw people off. And sometimes he'll hid a small trinket under the patch.


blaster 5d
dodge 4d
streetwise 5d
value 4d
alien species 4d
bargain 4d+1
con 4d
persuasion 5d
astrogation 5d+2
space transport piloting 8d+2
starship gunnery 5d+2
starship shields 6d+2 stamina 3d+2
space transport repair 5d+1
starship gun repair 4d
blaster repair 4d

Background: Born on Alderaan, he had allot of family, much of them younger than him. He had a 6 year old little brother and 8 year old sister. He also had a younger brother who was around the same age as Tevor and Miec, and the three of them were the best of friends, until the Death Star blew Alderaan away. Sslurn is his best friend.

He worked for a smuggler chief named 'MinJax' for the previous 4 years. MinJax was fair and good with his employees (as smuggles go). About 8 months before Alderaan was destroyed the smuggling group was evading a imperial patrol in the 'smugglers run', they ran into an asteroid field and lost the imperials. Io's ship, the 'FireBird', was damaged beyond repair in the encounter and the group had to stop. The asteroid that they decided to camp on was actually a forgotten manufacturing base once owned by CEC. They found a cache of YP-1000's there. Minjax gave each of the other members of the group choice of ships and most kept thier old ships, now owned by them, not their boss, and departed. Minjax gave Io a 'new' YP-1000. Which he named 'Phoenix'. Sslurn arranged for some hard credits to upgrade the ship and now Sslurn and Io share ownership of the Phoenix. Family killed when it exploded. 
His little brother was good friends with Miec, and Tevor.


Personal Equipment:

  • Phoenix [modified light freighter]
  • Light Saber [runs of blaster power packs dmg 3d duration 5 min]
  • Sniper riffle [6D +1D to hit w/ scope]
  • Heavy blaster Pistol
  • Scout trooper armor
  • Madalorian Helmet
Personality: coming soon.......


1998-1999 Tevors Contacts: Star Wars RPG