"Phoenix" CEC Panther YP-1000f
not for sale
Modified Light Freighter
6 months
x1 / x10
35 meters
Nav Computer
1 [2 can coordinate] full rig slave Computer has 3D skill in all areas; gunners: 2
5 crew cabins
45 metric tons
2D and 1d+1 backup shields


Art Work by:

Stats by:

Passive 10/0D
Scan 25/1D
Search 40/2D
Focus 2/3D
Capsule: "Phoenix"

Io has painted a Phoenix in shades of red and orange on the hull, with the mandibles looking like up-streched wings of flame Io was given the Phoenix by MinJax as a replacement for Io's old ship the 'fire bird' The paint job is very realistic, and gives the illusion that the ship's skin is made of liquid fire, the 'paint' cost Io about 5,000 creds, but it was worth every creds. It deserves note that the paint is done in layers so that the image of the phoenix is only seen from certain angles. The paint job is refereed as a 'Ghost Image'. And is built up using layers of paint, so that from certain angles  you will see the full image, other angles you might see a partial 'ghost' image, or nothing at all.

History: Io and Sslurn, his Sluissi copilot, were working for MinJax Gallow and small time smuggler boss, with a small fleet of 3 ships, was the Smuggler group who found the asteroid factory with all the ships. Each pilot was given his choice of ships, and MinJax is selling the rest and retiring early. 'Phoenix' is slightly modified, mainly having the maneuverability boosted, and added second power plant (in the cargo hold,) that runs the guns and new shield generator. Io and Sslurn are co- owners of the 'Phoenix'.
Computer & Automated Systems Slave Rigging: They ships come with a beacon call, and are able to share jump coordinates with other ‘rigged’ ships, and they are capable of flying to the holder of the beacon call, by means of a homing beacon, and are even able to fight their way to their masters With a skill of 3d.

The on board computer has the following skills:

space transports piloting 3d star ship gunnery 3d space transport repair 3d sensors 3d communications 3d

All software installed is the most current available.

2 Heavy Ion Cannons [fire linked]
2 Laser Cannons [fire linked]
Fire Arc
turret, 360 degrees top
Fire Arc front
Starfighter Gunnery
Skill Starfighter Gunnery
Scale Starfighter
1 or computer
Crew 1 or computer
Fire Control
Fire Control 3D
Space Range
Space Range 1-3 /12 / 25
Atmos. Range
100-300/700/3.6 km
Atmos. Range 100-300 / 1.2 / 2.5 km
6D [5D if fired seperately]
Damage 5D [4D if fired separately]
Notes: retractable turret on top of ship
Special Equipment
Special Equipment
Secondary power generator, supplies the shields and weapons, Original power core supplies engines & all other systems.
One concealed cargo bay, 5 feet by 5 feet.  


Stats are property of Scott Murphy; Graphic is property of Smilin Drex. Format by Tim Salam.







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