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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Upasna

Dear Tathagata,

Someone whom I dearly loved, has hurt and deceived me.
Will he remain happy after doing so?
Will he be punished for his deeds?


Answer from Tathagata

Dear Upasna,

How was the man that you loved? Why did you break up? Without this kind of explanation, even though simply you said what you wanted to say, it's hard to give you a correct answer. In this world, each and every matters exists in the endless problems. Because to understand the problem is the same as the world of mathematics, if I answer without understanding the problem correctly, the answer will be always wrong. However, an Enlightened being can not answer vaguely for gaining your favor. Therefore if you need my wisdom, first you should tell me how you two broke up in which situation and I need to know this kind of information in detail. Then, it will be helpful for you and me.