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Wholesale Only!

Shipping: Pick up at the Airport

For the lowest shipping costs, plan on picking up your shipments at your local airport. This is not only the lowest in cost, but it is also the fastest, therefor, better for the fish. We will let you know when to expect your fish and keep you updated if there are any changes. You can track your shipments by clicking on the airline banners below. Just enter you airwaybill number which we will provide in the space provided. That's all there is to it.

Tampa Exotic Tropicals uses the latest in packing and shipping techniques to keep the shipment weight (and cost) down as much as possible but under no circumstances will we sacrifice quality to save a few pennies on freight. Our box charges are just $6.00 per single fish box; Heat packs and/or ice packs just $1.00 each and used only as need to assure the wellbeing of your livestock. We guarantee live arrival and your satisfaction.