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Florida Farm Raised
Fresh Water Fish

Florida farm raised freshwater tropical fish is our principle line of products. We believe that we offer just about the largest selection of fish available. As an independent wholesaler and not associated with any one farm, if it's available anywhere, it's most likely available here.

For starters, we have virtually all the fish raised at virtually all the fish farms here in Central Florida. (and there are more than a hundred of them) This huge number of varieties of fishes raised here in the area include the livebearers such as swordtails, platies, guppies, mollies, and variatus; all of which are available in endless colors, fin shapes, and sizes. Also raised in Florida are jillions of new World cichlids, African cichlids in hundreds of species and morphs, gouramies, danios, plecostomus, cory cats, angels, numerous tretras and barbs. Some goldfish and koi are being raised here. Also more and more items such as sharks of all kinds, syndontis catfish, and even a few salt water items are produced by the Florida farmers whom we represent.

In addition to the Florida farm produced fish, we have a number of Florida wild caught items. These include freshwater flounders, American Flag fish, Florida gar in all sizes, several wild cichlids, and a whole host of non fish items which can be found described in our sections of amphibians, crusteans, and mollusks.

One thing about Tampa Exotic Tropicals; we dont hide where the fish come from. Each item on our price and availability list which are imported are clearly marked with an "i" after the item description. If it's not marked, you know it's a Florida item. No other fish supplier does that.