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Tampa Exotic Tropicals has been a member of the Florida Tropical Fish Farms Association since 1998.

The name "Tampa Exotic Tropicals" is registered with the Florida Department of Corporations. Reg # G07325900257

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Tampa Exotic Tropicals holds Florida state Sales and use tax permit issued by Florida Dept of Revenue. Cert # 39-8012271390-5

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Tampa Exotic Tropicals holds a Florida Resident Tropical Fish Dealers license issued by the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission. License # RFD 57789

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Tampa Exotic Tropicals holds a permit to hold and sell aquatic plant life issued by the Florida Dept of Agriculture.

Tampa Exotic Tropicals holds a license to posesse Class III Animals for exibition or public sale (Reptiles) issued fy the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Tampa Exotic Tropicals holds a permit to import and export live tropical fish issued by the Customs Dept of the US Dept of Fish & Wildlife.

Tampa Exotic Tropicals is listd as a KNOWN SHIPPER as defined by the US Dept of Homeland Security Transportation Security Administration by Southwest Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines,

Tampa Exotic Tropicals has active accounts with DHL Express, Federal Express, United Parcel Service, and Express Shipment Service.