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Imported Fresh Water Fish

In addition to the Florida farm raised fresh water fish, Tampa Exotic Tropicals also distributes a very large line of imported freshwater fish. We will always buy and or sell a Florida raised fish rather than an import if given a choice, but we also understand that in order to supply our customers with a complete selection of fish for their stores, imports are a must.

Many varieties are simply not raised here. For example, items such
as clown loaches and algae eaters are not farmed here but are raised in huge numbers in Asia. In addition, it has become increasingly difficult for the American farmers to compete with the Asain raised imports on price with the lower priced items such as mollies. Therefore only the Florida farmers producing the very highest quality have been able to survive. And of course those are the farmers which we at Tampa Exotic Tropicals represent.

Many species are not farm raised anywhere and are only available by importing them directly from the countries of origin where they are collected from the wild. This is particularly true of the numerous South American fish such as Arowannas and many others, and of the African fish such as rope fish, African knives, etc.

You might ask, how can such a small company such as Tampa Exotic Tropicals offer such a large and complete list of top quality items: Relationships. That's the answer. When we founded TET back in 98, we built the company on the principle of working with the numerous fish companies in Central Florida. This includes not only the farmers, but with the importers too. We have built solid relationships with several importers here in Florida. In fact we are the only source that offers everything we offer from one place. And just as with the farmers we have negotiated with the importers so that we can offer prices to you the same or in many cases lower than if you had bought it from them.

Because of our relationships with the Farmers, and importers, we have just about the largest selection of quality livestock available anywhere. If it's available, it's probably available here.