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Tampa Exotic Tropicals first started shipping top quality Florida farm raised tropical fish in June of 1998. This was the realization of the dreams and ideas of Lew Rothlisberger and his wife Reina. See Lew's bio on the management page.

Lew's idea was to supply independent retailers with the ability to compete with the big boys by providing a source of top quality fish straight from the farms without having to buy full box lots of everything. (for a more detailed description of what we do, please see the "about us" page.)

The company started with humble beginnings with a small desk in the corner of Lew and Reina's bedroom and basic packing equipment in the 2 car garage in a Tampa suburb, a stones throw from the heart of fish farmin' country. In less than a year a 1000 Sq/Ft industrial unit was rented in Tampa. Tiny in fish farming standards, it was a heck of a lot bigger than the family garage. And with our philosophy of shipping fish straight from the farms we dont need much space. We get em, pack em, take em to the airport and on a perfect week there's nothing left.

During the winter of 2001, we grew again and moved to a 4000 Sq/Ft facility which included a 1000 Sq/Ft office building. We had 3 sales people and a staff of 3 packers/fish maintenence/drivers to assist Lew while Reina continued to do all the office work.

In September, 2003 Lew sold Tampa Exotic Tropicals. Although it seemed like an opportunity for semi-retirement it also ment leaving the industry which we loved forever. Lew stayed on as an advisor and salesman for a few months but the new owners had ideas to move the company in a different direction and Lew was told his advise was no longer required. The new ownership continued makeing numerous changes to the business and even changed the name of the business. In April of 2006, the new owners, the equipment and indeed the company itself dissapeared. They have not been heard from since. When they ceased doing business (later filed bankrupcy) Lew's contractural agreement to not compete with them also ceased.

Now, here we are in 2008, almost 2 years since they stopped doing business. Lew has been a Florida Real Estate agent the last 4 years, specilazing in (you guessed it) land transactions involving fish farms. And we have made the huge decision to start up our company all over again. And we are going back to our original name of Tampa Exotic Tropicals which is still registered in Lew's name.

We sincerely hope that by bringing back our old name, it symbolizes that we are bringing back our original philosophies and ways of doing business. Bringing back quality. Bringing back knowhow. And bringing back integrity.