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VOC's & Formaldehydes
Volatile Organic Compounds are chemical compounds that easily evaporate (volatile) and contain one or more carbon atoms (organic). Formaldehyde is problably the most common VOC found in homes. Here are some other common VOC's: gasoline, benzene, alcohol, toluene, xylene, terpentine, cleaning chemicals. VOC's can be found in many different types of building materials and home products, such as: paint, solvents, caulking, tobacco smoke, construction adhesives, particle board shelving & kitchen cabinets, laminated wood veneer furniture, wall paper, particle board subflooring, new carpet outgassing, carpet padding, carpet adhesives, cleaning products, etc. Medical journals have documented the negative effects of VOC exposure to include: dizziness, nausea, fatique, reduced limb strength, headaches, eye, nose, throat irritation, breathing difficulties, chest pain, wheezing, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. Formaldeyhde and other VOC's have been linked to cancer in animal studies. Most people fail to realize that indoor air pollution levels can be far worse than outdoor air pollution in a big city like Los Angeles!
Note: Most state laws mandate manufacturers use the term VOC on their product labels (for paints, solvents, etc.),  in New Jersey the term VOS is used (it stands for volatile organic substances).