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Product Info & Photos
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           Eco-Fresh Product Line
Zeolite Depot markets the EcoFresh family of all natural products, formulated to attract and eliminate odors, moisture, and mildew. EcoFresh products can be used anywhere to solve environmental moisture and odor problems, and is non-toxic to humans and pets.
Eco-Fresh Odor Control is comprised of several packaging alternatives of our flagship product. This is a zeolite based adsorbant, with literally hundreds of possible uses. For specific applications, please see our Problems/Solutions page.
Eco-Fresh Odor Control will last for years, depending on use, and can be recharged by the sun.
#101 Heavy Duty Odor Control 4oz/4 per poly bag   Convenient size for odor and moisture control in small areas, ex. dressers, closets, suitcases, etc.

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#104 Heavy Duty Odor Control 1 lb. heavy mesh bag   Medium size pouches fits under or behind appliances, furniture, perfect for bedrooms,  bathrooms, etc.
(This is one of our "Retail Specials")
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#105 Heavy Duty Odor Control 2 lb. heavy mesh bag.  Maximum odor control for basements, garages, attics, offices, & industrial applications. (This is one of our "Retail Specials")
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#106 Heavy Duty Odor Control 14 oz. Tyvek® Pouch   Dustless Tyvek pouch eliminates household odors/gases, ideal for infant's room, kitchens, or for people with allergies to dust.  (This is one of our "Retail Specials")
#107 Heavy Duty Refrigerator Packet - 14oz
Use in refrigerator and freezer to save energy, control odor, and retain freshness. Your fruits, vegetables, cheeses and other food will last longer and taste better. Reduces or eliminates cross-odor contamination where items in the freezer take on odors from the refrigerator compartment.
#108 Heavy Duty Litter Freshener - 32oz
container  A remarkable additive for pet litter. This odorless granular material absorbs gasses and ammonias, prolonging the life and increasing the effectiveness of all animal litters. Totally non-toxic to pets.
#109 Heavy Duty Carpet Deodorizer - 32oz container   Sprinkle the granules onto troublesome odor areas of carpeting. Odors and bacterial gasses will be eliminated after material is vacuumed up!
#110 Heavy Duty Shoe Paks in Carton - 4 oz Tyvek®/2 pak. Place one in each shoe/boot overnight, and odors will vanish. Moisture is also absorbed to help prevent premature wear of your shoes and boots.
#111 Heavy Duty Clothes Freshener - 14 oz Tyvek® pouch. One or more paks in your suitcase prevents odor transfer between clothes and other items. At home, one pak in a drawer or closet controls odor and moisture.
#113 Heavy Duty Shoe & Foot Powder - 8 oz Squeeze Bottle. Odorless, non-toxic powder absorbs the perspiration on your feet and odor from your shoes, keeping you feeling and smelling fresh. Soothes tired feet.
Zeolite Depot's Specialty Product Line
Zeolite Depot's Specialty Product Line consists of products specifically targeted for commercial, industrial, and heavy duty home uses, as well as two remarkable products for the Auto, Boat, and RV market. As with the EcoFresh products, these Specialy Products are non-toxic to humans and pets.
Biological Odor Control (BOC) is a liquid packaged three ways for convenience and economy. For specific applications, please see our Problems/Solutions page. Click here for product data sheet.
#203  Heavy Duty BOC 5 gallon
Spray this amazing liquid on and around trouble areas to control and eliminate odors quickly and naturally.
#204 Heavy Duty BOC 32 oz. with sprayer
The perfect size for hotel , motel, and restaurant maintenence carts, and well as other industrial and janitorial applications.
#205 Heavy Duty BOC 1 gallon
#207  Heavy Duty BOC 2 oz. spray bottle
Handy size for keeping in various areas such as desk drawers, glove compartments, purses.
#208 Heavy Duty BOC 16 oz. spray bottle
Slim bottle fits in tight storage areas.
#314 Heavy Duty Auto, Boat, and RV Combo Odor Eliminator   A 2 oz. spray bottle plus a packet of granules, that combine to bring freshness to any closed environment, such as an auto or RV. For instantce, to eliminate smoking odors, clean the ashtray and fill with granules, spray liquid on headliner, cloth seats and rugs. Over a period of days, the residual smoking odors will dissappear!
#305 Heavy Duty Auto, Boat, and RV Mesh Pouch   Used alone or in conjunction with the combo pack above, these heavy duty mesh pouches provide continual odor and moisture absorption for heavy duty uses.

Specialty Products

Heavy Duty Omni-Zorb odor and spill absorbent. Environmental cleanup material for multiple uses. Heavy Duty Omni-Zorb was developed for the homeowner, garage mechanic, small business man, hospital/nursing home personnel who may have small spills that need to be cleaned up quickly without the hassle of worrying about disposal.
Heavy Duty Omni-Zorb cleans and absorbs the following plus many more; Oils, Acids, Hazardous Materials, Animal Fluids, Grease, Cooking Oils, Brake Fluid, Liquid Pesticides, Antifreeze, Power Steering Fluids, Transmission Fluid, Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, Battery Acids, Chemical Spills, Solvents, Paint Thinner, Petroleum Distillates, Hydraulic Fluid, Bio-Hazardous Waste, etc.
Heavy Duty Odor Control;
Ammonia, Aldehydes, Ketones, Hydrogen Sulfide, Mercaptans, Water, Ethylene, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, etc.
Easy To Use: Liberally apply Heavy Duty Omni-Zorb sorbent to spill, completely covering the fluid spill. Allow 5 to 10 minutes for absorbtion, mix together, sweep up, and place back in container. The bottle size is designed to fit almost anywhere. Heavy Duty Omni-Zorb is a 100% natural product, non-toxic, non-hazardous all purpose dry absorbent, it absorbs liquids, odors, and works fast.
Environmental Properties
Heavy Duty Omni-Zorb is a natural, inert, non-toxic substance which is federally classified as GRAS (generally regarded as safe) and are exempted from regulations and reporting when used in accordance with proper cleanup practices. (Ref' 40 CFR and elsewhere) Heavy Duty Omni-Zorb is USDA approved as an absorbent in food processing applications and is in EPA compliance. No fibrous silicates have been detected and crystalline silica is present in quantities of less than 0.01%. Reference MSDS Sheet for additional information. Heavy Duty Omni-Zorb meets govemment regulations including 40 CFR for small spills absorbed by non-leachable absorbents. Heavy Duty Omni-Zorb general purpose absorbent can be discarded with normal household trash.
HAZARDOUS MATERIAL NOTE: If used with hazardous materials, dispose of in accordance with Local, State, and Federal Regulations.

#306 ZeoFresh Soil Enhancer
Great Soil Enhancer for all plants, vegetables, fruit bearers, aids composting, turf & lawn care. Grow more plants & vegetables. Bigger plants indoor and out, with this highly effective soil additive. Zeofresh will absorb & release water, oxygen, nitrogen,potassium. It reduces total fertilization costs, assists in soil aeration, lowers toxic soil conditions, increases fruit & flower production. Even unpleasant odors while composting are eliminated. Zeolite has anti-bacterial qualities that can aid in the prevention of Salmonella, E Coli, and coliform in composting by home users when compost cycle is achieved. 10 pound container.
ZeoFresh Soil Enhancer a non-swelling 100% natural aluminosilicate mineral specifically formulated to be used as a soil amendment. It is a 100% natural product, and is registered by the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) in their 1998 Brand Names List. Labeling is registered and accepted by the California Department of Food and Agriculture as a soil amendment.
Ecologically safe and Economically sound.

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