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I have a 19 month old son, and I was concerned about the "new carpet smell" (formaldehyde) in his room. I heard about zeolite and it's odor & gas absorbing properties, so I decided to give it a try. I purchased one 14oz Tyvek pouch for my son's room, and a 1lb mesh bag for my master bedroom. In less than 48 hours both bedrooms had no detectable "new carpet odor". I was so happy with it's performance that I purchased several other 1lb mesh bags. One I hung in my bathroom between the clothes hamper & toilet, and I placed another in my car. Thanks Zeolite Depot.
Signed, S.A.

I am a smoker, my bedroom smells of smoke. I washed my clothes, sheets, comforters, yet the smoke smell remains. I purchased a 32oz bottle of the carpet deodorizer. I sprinkled it on the carpet in the morning before work, when I returned home that evening I vacuumed it up. The room had no smell of smoke, I
couldn't believe it. I even think my vacuum exhaust smells better now. I also purchased a 1lb mesh bag that I hang on my bedroom door as an extra measure against the smoke odors. The third product I purchased from Zeolite Depot, was the shoe & foot powder, I sprinkle some on my feet and in my work boots everyday before work, my feet feel cooler and my boots stay drier longer. I am considering purchasing some of your other products.       
Sincerely,  R.K.