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Specialty Products
Heavy Duty Omni-Zorb odor and spill absorbent. Environmental cleanup material for multiple uses. Heavy Duty Omni-Zorb was developed for the home owner, garage mechanic, small business man, hospital/nursing home personnel who may have small spills that need to be cleaned up quickly without the hassle of worrying about disposal.
Heavy Duty Omni-Zorb cleans and absorbs the following plus many more; Oils, Acids, Hazardous Materials, Animal Fluids, Grease, Cooking Oils, Brake Fluid, Liquid Pesticides, Antifreeze, Power Steering Fluids, Transmission Fluid, Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, Battery Acids, Chemical Spills, Solvents, Paint Thinner, Petroleum Distillates, Hydraulic Fluid, Bio-Hazardous Waste, etc.
Heavy Duty Odor Control;
Ammonia, Aldehydes, Ketones, Hydrogen Sulfide, Mercaptans, Water, Ethylene, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, etc.
Easy To Use: Liberally apply Heavy Duty Omni-Zorb sorbent to spill, completely covering the fluid spill. Allow 5 to 10 minutes for absorbtion, mix together, sweep up, and place back in container. The bottle size is designed to fit almost anywhere. Heavy Duty Omni-Zorb is a 100% natural product, non-toxic, non-hazardous all purpose dry absorbent, it absorbs liquids, odors, noxious gases and works fast.
Environmental Properties
Heavy Duty Omni-Zorb is a natural, inert, non-toxic substance which is federally classified as GRAS (generally regarded as safe) and are exempted from regulations and reporting when used in accordance with proper cleanup practices. (Ref' 40 CFR and elsewhere) Heavy Duty Omni-Zorb is USDA approved as an absorbent in food processing applications and is in EPA compliance. No fibrous silicates have been detected and crystalline silica is present in quantities of less than 0.01%. Reference MSDS Sheet for additional information. Heavy Duty Omni-Zorb meets govemment regulations including 40 CFR for small spills absorbed by non-leachable absorbents. Heavy Duty Omni-Zorb general purpose absorbent can be discarded with normal household trash.
HAZARDOUS MATERIAL NOTE: If used with hazardous materials, dispose of in accordance with Local, State, and Federal Regulations.

#306 ZeoFresh Soil Enhancer
Great Soil Enhancer for all plants, vegetables, fruit bearers, aid composting, turf & lawn care. Grow more plants & vegetables. Bigger plants indoor and out, with this highly effective soil additive. Zeofresh will absorb & release water, oxygen, nitrogen,potassium. It reduces total fertilization costs, assists in soil aeration, lowers toxic soil conditions, increases fruit & flower production.   
Unpleasant odors while composting are eliminated. Zeolite has anti-bacterial qualities that can aid in the prevention of Salmonella, E Coli, and coliform in composting by home users when compost cycle is achieved.  ZeoFresh Soil Enhancer a non-swelling 100% natural aluminosilicate mineral specifically formulated to be used as a soil amendment. It is a 100% natural product, and is registered by the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) in their 1998 Brand Names List. Labeling is registered and accepted by the California Department of Food and Agriculture as a soil amendment.
Ecologically safe and Economically sound.