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Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), Sick Building Syndrome, Environmental Illness, Allergies, Asthma, Chronic Fatigue. What is Multiple Chemical Sensitivity? It is a multi-system disorder usually brought on by neurotoxic exposures which can be acute, or low-level long term exposure such as in Sick Building Syndrome, which increases a person's total toxic load, depletes nutrient stores, and causes problems in many organs and systems in the body. Upon, re-exposure, the individuals become  increasingly sensitized to other toxic substances. There can be dramatic effects on the central nervous system, causing decreased memory, concentration, learning difficulties, trouble with balance, anxiety, depression, intellectual impairment , headaches, fatique, body pain, nausea, etc. These are real diseases, and they can be debilitating. The majority of these diseases are caused by environmental factors: dust, dustmites, specific allergens, mold, mildew, indoor air pollution, outdoor air pollution, toxic chemicals, VOC's, Formaldehyde, noxious fumes, outgassing from carpets, particle board, polyester fibers, food additives, MSG, vehicle exhaust, fungicides, pesticides, spores, perfumes, paints, solvents, construction adhesives, caulk, organophosphates, termiticides, herbicides, chemical fertizers, hydrocarbons, household gases, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrous oxides, sulfur dioxides, cleaning products, hygiene products (spray deodorant), scented air freshers, etc.There are nearly 2000 new chemicals introduced
each year which are unregulated and have unknown long-term side effects. Some people are hypersensitive to these substances and may show negative symptoms sooner than an "average person" might. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity patients can usually show symptomatic improvement after avoidance or elimination of the triggering substances. Natural Zeolite Mineral
has been shown to reduce or eliminate these chemical  
odors, gases, VOC's, Formaldehydes, etc.

Click the link below to visit our Multiple Chemical Sensitivity(MCS) Message Board. Please feel free to post any questions, comments, suggestions, personal knowledge on (MCS), Sick Building Syndrome, or any other Environmental Illnesses.  

Here is nice website for and by (MCS) patients: